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Weebly 7.3  
Wix 7.3  
Shopwired 9.0 Top Choice
3DCart 7.5  
Shopify 7.0 Top Choice
BigCommerce 7.7  
EKM 8.8 Top Choice
Lemonstand 8.6 Top Choice
Zoey 8.7  


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Godaddy is the choice for building very simple websites Choose Weebly for simple websites 100 100 Wix 1A Shopwired UK eCommerce Builder 3dcart has great options for coupons and gift certificates Shopify eCommerce website builder 100 100 Big Commerce 1A EKM is the choice for anyone building a UK based eCommerce site. Build highly customisable eCommerce websites using lemonstand. eCommerce solution based on Magento so it has all the features.
6.9 7.3 7.3 9.0 7.5 7.0 7.7 8.8 8.6 8.7
Simple Websites Made With A Drag & Drop Interface. Advanced Drag And Drop Website Builder. No Restrictions On Layout Make Beautiful Websites. UK Based eCommerce Website Builder  Excellent For Coupon Codes And Gift Certificates Most Popular eCommerce Solution. Rival to Shopify With Some Good Alternative Features A Great Choice For Users Who Want UK Based Support Fully Customisable With Developer Support. Magento Derived Easy To Use Website Builder.
£6.99/pm £8/pm £10.10/pm £49.95/pm £74.85/pm £59.14/pm £59.18/pm £59.99/pm £74.11/pm £66.62/pm
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