Creativity - How To Think Of Better Ideas

Is being creative a talent you are born with or a skill you can learn? The answer is it's both and creativity is an essential business skill.

As marketplaces become ever more crowded and the stampede of new companies rushing to set up shop becomes a suffocating crush, how will you differentiate your product or service from the run of the mill?

Dropping the price is not the answer. Competing on price is the death knell for any eCommerce store that wants to exist for more than a few months. To be successful, you must be creative and bring products to market in new and novel ways.

I used to think that being creative was the preserve of "arty" types. Painters and Artists, the kind of person I was most definitely not. But I've come to realise that being creative can apply to any walk of life and it's no different with building an online business. Being creative is a skill that will keep you ahead of the competition.

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It’s Not About The Idea, It's The Execution That Matters
Tony Cooper   March 04, 2015  
Last Updated
June 30, 2017
Being a successful entrepreneur isn’t always about coming up with a fantastic new idea or invention that everybody needs and sitting back to let the flood of money come in. Mostly it’s about taking an existing idea and improving an aspect of it that isn’t working properly. Perhaps the initial design can be improved. Many copycat products succeed this way because they build and improve on the original. If the service is poor then you can make a successful eCommerce business out of it by offering the same product but...
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