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DocuSign Payments Launches Today as the New Way to Sign and Pay

DocuSign Payments Launches Today as the New Way to Sign and Pay

Tony Cooper  
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DocuSign Payments Launches Today as the New Way to Sign and Pay
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May 11, 2017
Company Name
Stripe Payments

Following a successful beta program that kicked off in November last year, DocuSign – the global eSignature and Digital Transaction Management (DTM) leader – today made DocuSign Payments available to its US customers, with select international markets including the UK expected next month.

DocuSign Payments saves time and effort by providing a fast and easy way to collect payments and signatures in just one step. At launch – via the partnership with global payments platform Stripe – users can DocuSign and pay using Android Pay, Apple Pay or any major credit card. DocuSign will continue to integrate new payment partners – including Authorize.Net, Braintree and PayPal – in the coming months. Automated clearing house (ACH) payments, recurring payments and other functionality are expected to be available later this year.


"DocuSign has helped its customers come to agreement digitally for years, the idea for payments came from those customers – particularly small business owners who struggle to collect payments on time and sometimes can't collect at all. It was natural to evolve our DTM platform and eSignature service to offer a way for people to pay for goods or services at the same time as electronically-signing an agreement." Ron Hirson  Chief Product Officer at DocuSign

The use cases for DocuSign Payments are practically limitless – apartment lease agreements, insurance policies, contractor services, event space rentals, donations, hotel stays, accounting, tax preparation and registration renewals, among many other things.

Adding payments into the existing signing process is simple and straightforward. After a brief, one-time setup to connect DocuSign with Stripe, a sender adds a payment request to their agreement and sends it to the person who needs to sign. When that signer receives and DocuSigns the document, they can pay using Android Pay, Apple Pay or their credit card, and the funds are collected immediately.

"It should be easy to pay for anything online—whether that's a pair of shoes, a cab ride or now a contract you're signing," said Cristina Cordova, head of business development at Stripe. "We're excited to work closely with DocuSign to make it possible for more than 100 million DocuSign users to easily and securely accept payments from anyone, anywhere in the world, whether they're on a desktop or mobile device."

During the beta program, different businesses and non-profit organisations tested the product and offered feedback.

"We could easily spend an entire working day per week collecting signatures and payments for our agreements," explained Rob Martinek, principal, Martinek Insurance Services. "However, with DocuSign Payments, that all changes. After the simple plug-and-play process to set up Stripe, the accuracy and timing of our payments are guaranteed, and we don't have to wait on checks anymore. It doesn't change how we operate, but it totally accelerates our business, and makes us nimble, efficient, fast and compliant."
"In our business, any time spent chasing payments is time we cannot spend helping needy dogs to find good homes," explained Andrew Robinson, IT coordinator, Last Hope K9 Rescue. "Our previous system meant that foster families needed to confirm that we had received their payments, and that was separate to the contracts they signed. During the period of testing DocuSign Payments over the past couple of months, we can see how easy it will be to hit the ground running and potentially remove that step – saving considerable time given we process over 1,000 adoptions a year."

DocuSign Payments is available today in the US, and the international rollout for Canada, the UK, and Australia is expected in late March 2017. For more information, visit http://docusign.com/payments.

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