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Everything you wanted to know about building an eCommerce website and a lot you didn't! Here you'll find an expert analysis for why you should choose Shopify over Magento or why Lemonstand makes a better platform for new startups that are going places.

Bandwidth overage charges are a bad thing, and I advise you to steer clear of any platform that imposes limits on the amount of traffic you can receive to your website or the number of images you can store. Hosting is such a cheap commodity these days that there is absolutely no reason for it apart from nickel and diming you.

Also, you'll find some great tools and resources like my guide to finding royalty free images for your eCommerce store and a comprehensive guide to merchant accounts, payment gateways and eCommerce transaction charges.

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UK Drop Shipping Guide
Tony Cooper   July 09, 2017  
Last Updated
July 09, 2017
The UK Drop Shipping Guide Google Trends show that “drop shipping” and its related search terms are on a steeply rising curve. Is it a ticket to paradise? Or are punters gullible for handing over cash to access “drop shipping directories” with “exclusive” deals? Is there any real money to be made? Are services like Oberlo the future and which eCommerce platform has the best options for anyone wanting to use drop shipping as a business model? The UK eCommerce industry is worth an estimated $150 billion and is the third largest eCommerce...
The cost of building a new website
Tony Cooper   July 05, 2017  
Last Updated
July 05, 2017
Before you start commissioning a new website design you want to know how much it is going to cost. But before I give you the in depth answer let me ask you a different rhetorical question – how much is a new car? Your answer is going to be “well it depends". I haven't given you enough information with which to work. You need to know if the car is going to carry a single occupant or an entire family with a boot full of luggage. If the latter then you'd probably point me in the...
Wix v Weebly, Drag and drop website builders compared
Tony Cooper   January 03, 2017  
Last Updated
June 29, 2017
Life is too short for endless comparisons. You want to build a website, and you want it made today. Forget about using one of the free website building tools that came bundled with your hosting plan. They are exactly what they suggest they are; cheap, tacky and classless. Rather, use one of these two expert website builders and reap the time saved and cost benefits. In my website builder quick start guide, I go over the basics of each popular website builder. Read that first if you don't have a clue. You might...
Small Business Website Design Budget Tips
Tony Cooper   November 19, 2016  
Last Updated
June 29, 2017
Getting your small business website launched and ready to start taking orders has come to the top of your priority list. But what's the cost? How much time do you need to invest each month to keep it working? How do you know what needs doing anyway? What's this all about! Choosing an eCommerce website builder is just the start of your journey. Continual development and evolution are what's needed to make it a success. Approaching a website design company with a “fixed cost” mentality is the wrong way to go about everything. ...
Small Business Website Building Ideas
Tony Cooper   November 14, 2016  
Last Updated
June 29, 2017
The biggest asset you have as a small business owner is time. You may have plenty of meetings to go to or clients to see, but you'll always be short of time. Even if you have time on your hands, it shouldn't be spent building a website. There are much more important tasks to get done like building out your Customer Relations Database (CRM) and reaching out to potential new clients. (If you're stuck with that then stick around because my next blog post will blow your socks off with a CRM Masterclass...
Shopify v Lemonstand
Tony Cooper   July 25, 2016  
Last Updated
June 30, 2017
Here are two eCommerce solutions that will cover 98% of your shopping cart solution requirements. What differentiates them and why choose one over another? Whichever you choose you'll be in good hands because both are excellent online website builder solutions that are well priced and offer first class support. Product Overview Both Shopify and Lemonstand are cloud based eCommerce website builders, so you won't need to download any software to your PC or laptop to start building your site. You will, of course, need an internet connection to be able...
Shopify v BigCommerce Key Differences Explained
Tony Cooper   July 13, 2016  
Last Updated
June 30, 2017
Shopify and BigCommerce are the two most well-developed cloud-based eCommerce website builder solutions. How do you decide which one to choose and what makes one better than the other? In this guide, I point out the key differences between both platforms so that you can choose the best fit for your business. Once again I'll reiterate that there is no “best eCommerce solution” there is only what will work best for your business type. First of all, if you haven't already, read my Shopify v Magento website builder guide to understand why building...
Magento V Shopify
Tony Cooper   July 03, 2016  
Last Updated
June 30, 2017
Why You Should Choose Shopify Over Open Source eCommerce Solutions If you are an SME (Small, Medium Enterprises), then you should be looking at a cloud-based solution for your eCommerce project. Why? Because you can get started quickly, with the minimum of fuss and keep the costs of development to a minimum. Any one of Shopify, BigCommerce or Lemonstand will do the job of setting up an eCommerce website for you admirably. I've used Shopify as my headline maker because it is the most popular and widely used eCommerce cloud-based...
Integrating 3d Secure Payments
Tony Cooper   June 05, 2016  
Last Updated
June 30, 2017
To protect yourself from taking fake payments credit card providers and banks have developed 3D secure to try and combat internet fraud. But surprisingly, few payment gateways support it, and I've researched and compiled a list which I'll update as each payment provider makes it available. I've also added 3D secure support to the payment gateway provider comparison chart.
How to select the right colour scheme for your website
Tony Cooper   May 24, 2016  
Last Updated
June 30, 2017
When I was 18, I applied to join the army and found out I was colour blind. Nothing dramatic. I found it difficult to distinguish between darker shades of colour. For example dark grey can often appear to be black and deep blues can appear purple. Web safe colours are a bonus for me because I know I'm not looking at a made up shade and all the colours are the same whichever device I'm viewing the page on.
25 results - showing 1 - 10  
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