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iZettle Launches New UK Card Reader

iZettle Launches New UK Card Reader

Tony Cooper  
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iZettle Launches New UK Card Reader


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June 30, 2016

iZettle launches new contactless mobile credit card reader.

Faster than its predecessor and with an extended battery life this is a much-improved version of the popular mobile credit card solution. The new reader will replace both of the old readers, so the "Pro Contactless" and the "Lite" versions will both be discontinued and replaced with the single new universal credit card reader.

This is a welcome move from iZettle with contactless payment options becoming more prevalent providing one universal card reader will make acceptance of the technology much more rapid.

The card reader connects via Bluetooth using NFC and supports Apple Pay which is fast becoming a standard payment method. Shopify websites will accept Apple pay shortly, and I expect Android Pay to follow in the very near future.

Many industries are now being encouraged by the UK Government to accept contactless payments, and you need to keep ahead of the curve if you want to remain competitive. Transport For London has announced that all Black Taxi Cabs must be able to accept contactless credit and debit card payments by October 2016 for example.

New iZettle Contactless Card Reader

There are no monthly contracts with iZettle, and you pay no monthly fees either so your costs of accepting credit cards via contactless technology are simply the transaction fees which begin at 2.75% for small volume users. Higher volume users can expect to get a discount based on the number of monthly transactions.

For a short period, you can get the new iZettle reader for just £29 (+ VAT) or add a nice stand to your iZettle setup for just £49 (+ VAT) to complete the professional look.

Details of the London Taxi, Black Cab iZettle Bundle

Click here to visit iZettle

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