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Lemonstand Upgrades Content Management System

Lemonstand Upgrades Content Management System

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Lemonstand Upgrades Content Management System


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June 29, 2017
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When I did the first Lemonstand Review the guys at the eCommerce solution with the coolest name let me have a sneak peak at the new blog feature they were developing.

Six months have passed, and they've been hard at work refining the component and adding some great new features to make blogging with the Lemonstand platform a breeze.

It's been an age-old problem – how to beef up your eCommerce store with extra content when you don't have any means of blogging. Most eCommerce platforms have the functionality to add extra pages, but they're not a blogging solution by any stretch of the imagination and installing Wordpress on a subdomain has been the best alternative solution.

That's about to change though as the leading solution designers begin to integrate better blogging capability into their platforms.

If you haven't already you might like to read why content marketing is the best form of advertising for your business and how to produce content for your blog consistently. Once you know why blogging is key to your success, you'll appreciate all the features that Lemonstand have to offer in this department.

According to Demand Metric, content marketing generates approximately 3x the business than conventional marketing channels. Done correctly content marketing reinforces the brand and guides customers gently to the end product without shoving it in their faces through blatant advertising methods.

Besides which the prevalence of browser ad blockers is having a massive impact on banner type advertising and consumers are becoming savvy enough to learn how to use them effectively.

The new publishing tools that Lemonstand have produced make it very easy for you to create and manage varied types of content:

Lemonstand Blogging features


Lemonstand Blog Features:

Main Features

  • Publish multiple content types including web pages, blog posts, and announcements (with more content types on the way)
  • Built-in beautiful and easy to use WYSIWYG editor
  • Define categories to organise and present content in a way that makes sense to your customers
  • Clear content publishing workflow and simple bulk editing
  • Easily upload images and set your featured image

Design Flexibility

  • Create and customise design templates with your favourite front-end tech and the powerful Twig theming language
  • Develop content archive models and apply advanced filters by content type, category, date, page or combined filters
  • Develop any format of content feed, as well as many feed customizations by defining your feeds using Twig
  • Download our free LemonSync tool for fast local theme development and workflow

Optimise SEO and Grow Traffic

  • Take full control over URL structure, metadata and all aspects of search engine optimisation to increase organic traffic
  • Customise and tune URL slugs for improved search rankingCreate hand-crafted excerpts that summarise your content for use in archive pages
  • Improve search engine discoverability with custom title tags
  • Generate backlinks and social shares by quickly publishing quality content
  • Integrate Content to the Buying Process
  • Shortcodes make it easy to seamlessly embed products into content, helping customers find, learn about and buy products
  • Include products as in-line links with your text in any web page, blog post or announcement
  • Embed rich product blocks that include product details, an image and even a “Buy Now” button
  • Easily integrate reusable custom text and HTML widget blocks into a page or post to promote store sales, email opt-ins and more

This update to the Lemonstand eCommerce platform makes what was a great choice even better. Lemonstand is the clear market leader as a complete eCommerce solution.

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