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Migrate Easily To BigCommerce Enterprise From Magento

Migrate Easily To BigCommerce Enterprise From Magento

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BigCommerce Data Migration Assistance Program


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June 30, 2017

If this were a boxing match, then Magento would be close to being counted out. Fresh from a right hook from Shopify who announced an "assistance plan" to help people migrate to their cloud-based eCommerce platform, BigCommerce have today announced a similar plan designed to help individuals move away from the clunky and cumbersome open source eCommerce solution.

BigCommerce is one of the leading e-commerce platforms for fast-growing companies, and their offer is designed to provide retailers with huge savings when migrating to BigCommerce Enterprise from Magento and other competitive platforms. So if you are currently using Oscommerce, Magento or even Shopify and want to move, this is your opportunity to do so.

Under the data migration program, qualifying companies can receive up to six months of free service, as well as specialised support from BigCommerce’s in-house team of catalogue transfer and onboarding specialists to simplify further the process of migrating to BigCommerce Enterprise. To qualify for this offer you'll need to be processing transactions worth at least £500,000 a year.

For many organisations, supporting legacy and custom-built eCommerce platforms require significant investment, with associated costs frequently compounding over time due to unpredictable technical issues. According to a study by Forrester Research (1),

“on average, retailers spent 7% of their online revenues supporting the technology that underpins their eCommerce operations” and “43% of eCommerce solutions have an actual cost of ownership higher or significantly higher than predicted".

As a result, retailers are increasingly turning to cloud-based platforms, such as BigCommerce Enterprise, which offer predictable costs and accelerated time to market for new initiatives, allowing them to focus on growth strategies like sales and marketing, instead of system uptime and maintenance.

“We decided to move to BigCommerce during our slow season to limit any impact on our business,” said Gary Pellegrino Jr., president of Bulk Apothecary. “We expected to see a modest dip in revenue due to seasonality, but since switching, our online sales are up 15–20%. The BigCommerce team was able to work with us and make sure all our data was migrated in a clean, structured way.”

Through this offer, eligible retailers can take advantage of numerous benefits, including support from BigCommerce’s team of industry-leading catalogue transfer and onboarding specialists which have successfully migrated more than 5,000 stores from 40-plus competitive platforms.

Additional benefits include:

  • Up to 6 months’ free subscription to BigCommerce Enterprise
  • Free standard catalogue transfer provided by BigCommerce
  • Up to a $2,000 onboarding credit for custom services from BigCommerce or a Certified BigCommerce Partner
  • 24/7 onboarding support
  • Premium Account Services and Strategic Account Management
“Retailers are finding that the burden of managing custom-built or legacy platforms like Magento is limiting their ability to keep pace with retail trends and consumer shopping preference,” said Russell Griffin, vice president of Enterprise sales and channel for BigCommerce. “For online brands that feel constrained by their current platform or wary of embarking on a costly upgrade path, this offer provides a streamlined and budget-friendly path forward on BigCommerce Enterprise.”

This offer requires a contract for up to 2 years’ paid service; early termination requires repayment of waived fees.

Complex, custom solutions may have additional restrictions.

(1) Understanding TCO When Evaluating Ecommerce Platforms, Forrester Research.

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