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New Stripe Directory

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June 30, 2017
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stripe is a relative newcomer to the payment processing industry being founded in 2011. However, it's wasting no time in playing catch-up, and the new stripe Directory is intended to widen its appeal to general business.

The stripe Directory is a listing of Apps (currently over 300) that work with or integrate with stripe so you can use them to analyse and interpret your data. Building a directory of services that work with your product is not new, most eCommerce website builders publish a directory that lists external programs that work with their system. But it's new in the payment processor space, and stripe has so many integration options that it is rapidly becoming the "Go To" merchant in this field.

By building a directory, stripe showcases all the products that have already integrated with it's ecosystem, by offering customers more product alternatives based on stripe the aim is to consolidate existing clients and bring in new ones that can provide new business services thereby widening the scope of the stripe business model.

This approach is similar to what some of the larger companies like Salesforce have done to encourage growth and build out their ecosystems. The ambition is to provide so many integration options that were looking elsewhere for a payment solution isn't worth your time.

stripe Directory Makes Apps Easy To Find

This is one of the reasons why Shopify has startled the financial markets with such explosive growth. The combination of a blogging approach designed to answer every question, serving not just its customer channel but also partners and associates while assimilating as many third-party apps into its core offering means there's no point in looking elsewhere unless you need something specific that they don't offer.

In the payments world stripe already has a stranglehold on third party development through the simplicity with which it provides its integration code. If you are a developer looking for a payments solution, then stripe is the easiest to integrate.

The directory lists some programs that are already well-known as well as new startups like Celery which I hadn't come across before. This is an exciting addition to the eCommerce marketplace allowing you to take pre-orders and crowdfund independently.

One of the reasons people decide to ignore Shopify and go for a different solution is because natively Shopify doesn't support recurring payments. But ReCharge changes all that by providing all the tools you need to integrate with stripe and provide them. That's an example of how powerful a directory like this can be.

Interestingly there are a lot of great new eCommerce products in the stripe directory. Learning Cart and Talent LMS for selling training online, Sentry Login (integrates with Squarespace, Weebly, Wordpress) for membership sites and for delivering digital content.

If you use, or plan on using stripe then the new directory is well worth a look. And it's worth a quick once over just for casual interest.

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