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Shopify launches Kit "Favours" For It's Automated Virtual Assistant

Shopify launches Kit "Favours" For It's Automated Virtual Assistant

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Shopify launches Kit Favors


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June 29, 2016
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Shopify Inc
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Running an online business is getting easier and easier. It's the staying ahead of the competition bit that's difficult.

The software that we use to build our sites and communicate our message improves every day.

Whether you blog with Wordpress, create tutorial sites with Joomla or run an eCommerce store with Shopify, the software you use to achieve the goal steadily gets more sophisticated, and over time the cost of using it reduces.

Where it was once enough to be able to build an eCommerce store in the first place and be in the marketplace, with the proliferation of DIY eCommerce web store builders that's no longer a good enough advantage. Anyone can build an eCommerce store and populate it using drop shipping techniques for next to nothing.

The barrier to entry keeps being lowered, and the height at which the bar is set for success keeps being raised. To stay ahead of the competition you need to be doing the things they are not.

It's tough on your own. You need all the help you can get because running an eCommerce store is not the hands-free exercise that most people think it is before they get involved!

There are a multitude of time planners, calendars and customer relationship managers available to help you plan your time. Shopify “Kit” is another tool you can use to help organise your marketing effort.

What is Shopify Kit?

Kit is a virtual assistant designed to minimise the amount of time you spend on lead generation, advertising and sales so that you can spend it elsewhere. Sourcing better products, improving your website photos or other activities that enhance your business.

Kit will create a Facebook ad campaign for you and send personalised thank you emails to customers who have purchased through your store. It works by connecting to your Facebook page and your Facebook Ad account. It's very simple to set up - if you are an existing Shopify user simply install the in-store app.

Try Kit Free

Kit used to be available on a time-based trial period, but Shopify has changed that to a “Favours” model whereby you get to try the app free for a certain number of uses.

The new Favours feature for Kit will let it create two Facebook ad campaigns and promote two Facebook social posts (you’ll still have to pay Facebook for the ads) free of charge, and it’ll also send out your first five thank you emails to customers upon purchase. The idea is that the virtual assistant will work for free until it makes five sales on your behalf.

Kit founder Michael Perry explained:

The biggest fear that small business owners have is they’re actually sceptical out the gate that Kit even works.

By removing the requirement to enter credit card details, Shopify hopes that more people will try the virtual assistant and convince the sceptics that it works. Shopify is a big believer in automated assistance and Kit is another step in that direction.

Have you tried Kit? What do you think of the automated virtual assistant? Add comments below.

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