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Shopify v EKM – Which Is Best For UK Sellers?

Shopify v EKM – Which Is Best For UK Sellers?

Tony Cooper  
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Shopify v EKM


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EKM has over 50,000+ users in the UK and recently moved into new £3.5m offices to help fuel its meteoric growth. The headquarters have been custom-built and include a raft of state-of-the-art office technology, an expansive kitchen, rest-and-relaxation area, training and presentation auditorium - and a soon to be infamous slide reaching three stories. Here's why I think you should choose EKM over Shopify for your next eCommerce website:

Shopify Checkout Comes Under Canadian Jurisdiction

Shopify hosts their network servers in Ottawa, Canada, and so the checkout process comes under Canadian jurisdiction. It's not likely to happen, but if you ever got into a dispute with a customer, then it would need to be resolved under Canadian law. No day out at the High Court for you.

EKM Sites Are Faster To Load.

When I view my local butcher's Shopify website here in Telford, I'm viewing the site in Canada. It's logical that by hosting your site in the UK load times are going to be faster. 

Shopify v EKM

No Agree To Terms And Conditions Checkbox

To comply with EU law, stores selling to EU customers need to display a “Terms And Conditions” checkbox which must be selected before completing the order. Shopify Stores do not currently have this.

Transaction Fees

If you don't use their integrated “Shopify Payments”, then Shopify charge 2% transaction fees on their lowest paid plan over and above any payment gateway charge. EKM have zero transaction fees. See my guide to transaction charges if you want to know what these add up to.

You'll Need To Pay For Extra Apps With Shopify

Shopify's huge App store means you can add a lot of extra functionality to your store but it comes at a cost, and all those extra Apps can add up.

Relying on so many third party Apps to add functionality to your product can cause problems when they stop being updated.

All of the EKM Apps are native so while there are fewer Apps, the functionality you need as a UK seller is already built into the product. 


If you want to customise Shopify, then you'll need to learn their Liquid templating language. By contrast, EKM uses standard CSS and HTML which makes it easy to modify.


Perhaps the most important difference is support. Getting instant support from a specialist UK team can make all the difference to building your successful eCommerce business.

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