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Weebly Announces Weebly 4

Weebly Announces Weebly 4

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Weebly releases Weebly 4


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June 30, 2016
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Weebly recently announced a new update to their popular website builder with the release of version 4.

This upgrade marks a giant leap forward in the evolution of Weebly, and they've been adding some nifty features to the drag and drop website builder which I'll take a quick look at here and update the full Weebly review next week.

Site Improvements

  • The site headers have been completely overhauled allowing you to drag-drop and resize elements with hundreds of styles.
  • Video backgrounds can now be incorporated to capture attention and impress your visitors.
  • New templates with intelligent guidance.

Marketing Improvements

One of the problems for new website owners is that their time can get swallowed up making small site improvements that eat up a stack of time. When that happens the important bit – contacting your customers and letting them know what you have to offer gets left on the back burner.

In this version, Weebly has introduced integration between the site and email marketing. Now you can drag and drop your fresh site content into an email and simultaneously share it across social media making it easy to keep all your selling channels updated.

Smart Email Suggestions – every time you add a new product or coupon Weebly 4 will create a new email idea based on the content. It is a reminder to keep promoting your website and making it easy to do so.

Weebly Exclusive: Full funnel analytics & insights to track campaign impact with the first email-to-sales insights from your Weebly dashboard.

Improved Guides and Tutorials.

Building a website is only one part of the overall solution. Internet marketing has multiple facets that need to be stitched together to make everything work properly like SEO and PPC. These new Weebly guides are intended to help beginners get off on the right foot.

eCommerce Improvements

It would be fair to say the Weebly eCommerce solution has not been one of the strongest features and with this round of updates Weebly has beefed up the eCommerce side of the website builder. Now you can drag and drop products anywhere on your site to position them where you'll get the most sales.

  • Drag And Drop Product Display
  • Real time shipping rates
  • Digital Gift cards and custom coupon codes.
  • Abandoned cart recovery
  • Automatic Tax Calculator
  • Mobile App – run your store from anywhere.

Weebly claims it is the only platform that allows you to run your store from anywhere but Shopify have also recently added this feature.

It all adds up to a big round of improvements for Weebly and they are putting the squeeze on other DIY website builder solutions that are struggling to keep up. For example, the Godaddy website builder is starting to look like an also ran in the face of this update.

I'll update the full Weebly review with all the new improvements next Tuesday.

Weebly Website Builder. Start Building Your Website Today!

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