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Wix Releases 17 New Templates

Wix Releases 17 New Templates

Tony Cooper  
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New Wix Templates


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June 29, 2017
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If you've been thinking about creating a new website and keep putting it off, now would be the time to stop procrastinating and take action!

The Wix developers have been fed some coke and caffeine and have produced a whole new slew of fantastic looking website templates for you to base your next site on. They incorporate some of the best online website builder technology including parallax scrolling, video backgrounds and image galleries.

The icing on the cake? They're topped off with some of the items you'd usually have to hunt around for on the add on's page like contact forms, maps and social icons. Just add your images and text to produce a unique website in hours not days.

Website Templates

When you look at template offerings from some of the online website builders, you wonder how on earth they could think anyone is going to use them. On the one hand, you have designs that Volusion charge £690 for, which frankly is an outrage, to some of the complete dross served up by the low end of the market that will take you more time to put right than it would to start from scratch. Just because it's free doesn't mean it's going to be any good. You'll spend your next weekend up to your eyes in CSS.

We're quickly reaching a point where the technology is easy to use, it's good, and it's stable. This means more effort can be put into the look and feel of the final product rather than pouring resources into coding it.

In this respect, both Wix and Weebly are leading the field in making good looking sites. Weebly is playing catch up, and Wix is putting the pressure on with this great new release.

Take a look at my Weebly v Wix comparison table for a list of features.

These new templates are designed to provide a home for all the aspiring artists, authors and one man band companies that need to provide a web presence but don't have the time or the budget to invest in traditional website design - Wordpress I'm thinking of. There are also a couple of beautiful templates for wedding invitations, events and CV's, the kind of thing that you wouldn't want to give up your weekend battling with a content management system to produce.

Wix Design Template

The floating design tools that Wix uses are getting more polished every time I see them, and the drag and drop system works well. Anyone could put a good looking website together with these templates. Don't listen to people who tell you otherwise.

No, it's not suitable as a blogging platform, but that's precisely the market these templates are designed to fill- the busy professional who doesn't have the time or the inclination to start learning Wordpress and just wants a simple, good looking web presence.

For building great looking websites with the minimum of fuss Wix is what you need.

Wix.com Website Builder. Start Building Your Website Today!

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