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Wix Releases New Mobile App

Wix Releases New Mobile App

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Wix releases new mobile App


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June 30, 2017
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Is it possible to manage your online business from a Smartphone? The major players in the online website builder space seem to think so and hot on the heels of new App releases from Shopify and Weebly comes this new mobile App release from Wix.

Personally, I think the bold claims that you can run an online store from a Mobile App while you sit on the beach and sip Pina Coladas all day are a long way off the mark. But there is mileage in being able to administer some portions of your business from a Smartphone, and if it makes life easier I'm all for it!

The download is 20MB although software sizes are becoming less and less relevant these days and you'll need to have created a website via a desktop PC to be able to use the App in the first place.

The primary feature of the new Wix App are the notifications it sends you of new events. When you open the App, it will show you a feed of all the recent activity on your website. You'll get real-time notifications of when customers send you a message (very useful), subscribe to your email newsletter, place an order or make a booking.

The claim is that you'll no longer have to rush to get back to your PC to attend to tasks that can be done “on the run”. Personally trying to do everyday tasks on a tiny Smartphone screen is not how I see it, but I'll concede that getting notifications of when and what events happen on your site is very useful information.

Add Live Chat On The Go

The Wix App will notify you when you have new visitors on your website and let you initiate a conversation with them to help you close the deal. Perfect for some sites, particularly those that are offering higher ticket sale items, it's sod's law that you can sit all day at your PC and then miss the one vital visitor that is important to you. You'll need to have the visitors App installed on your site to make this feature work.

Manage Your Store

You'll be able to see the order flow in real time and manage your orders plus track payments and invoices. Adding products and images can also be done, and for some businesses where time is of the essence then this new feature could provide a breakthrough for your business. Imagine being at an auction, for example, placing the winning bid and then instantly having the products for sale on your website!

You can always return to them later on a desktop PC if anything needs tidying up.

Creating Blogs

I use One Note to record my ideas when inspiration strikes and I like to use the voice audio record to do it. But creating entire blog posts?

For small product information type posts then this App will be useful.

Quick Summary

Managing a website becomes more complicated as we find new ways for people to interact with them. With all the immediacy that is demanded of today's website owners tools like the Wix App are becoming indispensable. It's another great addition to your business setup.

You don't have to remember your login details either as this App will let you log in via Facebook or Google+

A useful tool to have in the eCommerce website builders armoury and yet another good reason why you should pay a monthly fee for your software platform instead of using open source products.

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