Payleven Review - Mobile Credit Card Payment Machines

Payleven Review - Mobile Credit Card Payment Machines

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Payleven Review - Mobile Credit Card Payment Machines
Credit card reader and printer
Payleven Mobile Credit Card Processing
Payleven Mobile Credit Card Processing
Last Updated
April 22, 2016
Company Name
Payleven Limited
Year Established
Support Options
  • Email
  • Livechat
  • Telephone
Support Telephone (UK)
020 7112 8211
£59 One Off

Processing Fees

Transaction Fees
  • Over £6,000 per Month 1.5%
  • Under £2,000 Per Month - 2.75%

Mobile Credit Card Payments Overview

Payleven is a Mobile credit card processing solution that uses bluetooth technology to connect a credit card reader device wirelessly to your smartphone. It then uses Near Field Technology (NFC) to act as a contactless card reader or you can use standard chip and pin to process transactions.

There is no need for an Internet Merchant Account to be able to process transactions as Payleven is a Payment Gateway. Your transaction fees are paid to Payleven and you only pay for every completed transaction.

Mobile credit card readers are a brilliant way for small businesses to get paid immediately for work that they might otherwise have to invoice for. Locksmiths, dog groomers, even window cleaners and mobile car washers can use this technology to get paid where the old excuse of "I've got no cash on me" was typically used.

That excuse has become more and more prevalent with the rise of plastic spending and with fewer and fewer people using real money these days investing in this type of technology is a no brainer.

Mobile Application

All of the smart work goes into the mobile application which is the brains of the product. You can have many card readers linked to one Payleven account which is really useful if you have staff that work in different locations and you can also download the App onto many different devices which is useful in say a restaurant or small cafe situation where the main device reader can be shared.

It could also be used as a backup to your main card processing unit so that when the queues start to form you could bring out the "Q Buster" to limit the waiting time. The possibilities for making the customer journey a more satisfactory one just got even better.

Types Of Card Reader

The Payleven "Classic" is a lightweight reader which you simply proffer up to the customer either in your hands or on a flat surface. There is the option to get an additional cradle which supports the device and looks more professional - the "Plus" version accepts contactless payments.

Transaction Fees

There is no fixed transaction fee so you simply pay for the amount you use your account. The more you use it the lower the fee.

flexipricing graphic1


Once the transaction is complete the money is transferred to your account within 4-7 days minus the transaction fee.


As a convenient quick and simple way to process card payments "on the go" Payleven has developed mobile technology that allows small business to compete professionally and at low cost. The contactless card reader costs £79 and there is also the option to purchase a receipt printer if you are selling high ticket items or the customer needs proof of purchase.

All major credit cards are supported (American Express has a higher 2.95% transaction fee) and the product meets financial security standards. The application and card reader are EMV approved, (Europay, Mastercard, Visa) which is a standard for card payments.

It works with both IOS and Android.

Update: 22/04/2016: Payleven targets developer community with new SDK.

Today, payleven, the leading mobile payment company for small and medium sized businesses, launches a suite of developer products for mobile payment integration on iOS and Android; payleven for Developers.

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Mobile Credit Card Readers Compared

SumUp Mobile Credit Card Reader
Mobile Credit Card Comparison ChartCard ReaderSet Up Monthly Fee Trans Cost
Izettle credit card readerReviewWebsite£59£0£02.75%
Payleven credit card readerReviewWebsite£59£0£02.75%
Sumup Mobile Credit Card paymentsReviewWebsite£59£0£01.95%
Paymentsense credit card readerReviewWebsite£POA£149£24.992.75%
Paypal credit card readerReviewWebsite£79.95£0£02.75%
Worldpay ZincReviewWebsite£39.95£0£01.95% - 2.75%

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