Paymentsense Review - Accept Credit Cards With Rapid Setup
Paymentsense Credit Card Processing

Paymentsense Review - Accept Credit Cards With Rapid Setup

Tony Cooper  
Paymentsense Credit Card Processing
Last Updated
May 16, 2016
Company Name
Paymentsense Limited
Year Established
Support Options
  • Email
  • Telephone
Websites Powered
Support Telephone (UK)
£9.95 Per month

Paymentsense Overview

Established in 2010 Paymentsense is the UK branch of Internet Merchant Account provider First Data, one of the largest payment gateway processors in the world.

They currently have over 50,000 customers on their books and are growing quickly in a market where quick reaction is establishing a lead over traditional staid banking practices.

However with that swift of foot marketing movement must come excellent customer support and the early indicators are that it has not been present, although steps have been taken to rectify this with a UK support number: 0800 103 2959

The premise of Paymentsense is that for too long small business has been underserved and overcharged by the biggest providers and they have set out to rectify that with a simpler and safer payments solution.

Paymentsense Services

Quick Setup

One of the big selling points of Paymentsense is that they can get you set up taking card payments in just three days. From the simple sign up process to express delivery everything is taken care of to get you up and running as fast as possible. Card machines can be sent out within 24 hours and it's a refreshing change from the traditional stuffy banking approach.

Online merchants can get set up in 24 hours although with the recent trend for plug and play eCommerce add ons that's not really a claim to fame.

Fixed Contract Fees

Paymentsense guarantees to fix the rate of your fees for the duration of the contract – but isn't that what a contract is for? It's a dubious claim of advantage over the competition in my opinion.

Card Machines

There are three card machines available – Countertop is the traditional retailers cart horse that has a fixed presence but they also have a portable device which has a 100m range and is perfect for use in restaurants, clubs and pubs.

The mobile solution is something that sets Paymentsense apart with a roaming SIM card that means you'll always have a signal. This is something that competes on a level with iZettle and Payleven.

eCommerce Modules

Paymentsense integrates with over 40 of the online website builders and has a starter package of £9.95 per month – enough for even the smallest business to get off the ground. This will allow you to process up to £50,000 in transactions per year.


The payment provider space is changing - and quickly. But more important than simply being able to provide the technological development is being able to back it up with customer support. For that is where the battle is won or lost.

It remains to be seen whether Paymentsense can demonstrate that it can hold it's own in the customer support sphere and for that reason I'm waiting on customer feedback before wholeheartedly recommending them as a payment provider.

On the face of it Paymentsense seems like a good option for a new eCommerce business

Click Here To Visit The PaymentSense Website

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Paymentsense credit card readerReviewWebsite£POA£149£24.992.75%
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