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Ten Reasons Why Building Multiple Websites Is A Bad Idea

Ten Reasons Why Building Multiple Websites Is A Bad Idea

Tony Cooper  
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June 30, 2017

Do you think you might capture more traffic and market share by building more and more websites in the same niche? Here I outline why that strategy is such a terrible idea.

1. Redundant Technology

Sites that were built only a few years ago and that are not responsive will all need to be updated so that they display correctly on modern devices.

If you have a lot of sites, then you will have a lot of updating to do, and that can be expensive. Who knows what we may be faced with in five years’ time?

2. Updating Content

If you have a lot of sites, then you are going to find it difficult to keep producing enough new content to keep them fresh and updated regularly.

If you own say five sites then you will probably want to update each site once a week so that you are making a fresh post every day.

It is far more effective to update one site five days a week than spread your effort so thinly.

Many business owners struggle with the concept of keeping one site updated on a regular basis never mind five!

3. Social Media

The impact of social media means that you need to spend a decent amount of time making sure your social signals are not out of date.

Trying to manage this for more and more sites gets ridiculously time consuming.

On top of that for each new site you build you will need variations on your logo or brand identity for Facebook, Twitter and YouTube cover pages as well as any other custom graphic design elements unique to each domain name.

Managing five times the assets can become overwhelming unless you have dedicated staff.

4. Analytics And Tracking

For every new site, you will have to add a new google analytics profile and open a new account in Webmaster tools.

Because you are splitting your traffic over many domains it is much harder to get reliable data from these tools.

In addition, the process of setting up sales funnels, goals and getting accurate conversion optimisation data is now a major process.

5. Link Building

Link building isn’t a dirty word.

Googles efforts to reduce link spam have led many websites to an early grave but it doesn’t mean that link building is dead at all.

In fact, link building is something that you absolutely have to do to get your site ranking strongly.

It is a lot easier to build links to one domain that it is to try and spread the effort over multiple domains.

I’d much rather build 100 quality links to any one site than 20 to five individual domains.

6. The All Eggs In One Basket Question

Putting all of your efforts into building one quality site is seen by many as a risky strategy.

Why? Because they say, what happens if Google dings your site?

The Google algorithm updates (Panda, Penguin) normally affect 1% of queries in any new iteration.

If you stick to the webmaster guidelines you have absolutely nothing to fear. Why would Google banish quality sites to the backwaters when that’s exactly the type of site they are trying to return in searches?

That argument just does not hold water.

Of course, if you are buying links or using any other of a myriad of shady tactics (Facebook Like rings, buying Twitter followers etc.) then you are setting yourself up for a fail.

7. Customer Confusion

These days being honest, open and transparent is the way to gain a customer following and spread the word of mouth.

Having multiple domains and sites may lead your customers to wonder why you need to employ that tactic.

8. The SEO Effort

Every site needs to target the right keywords and getting that part right can make or break your site.

The more sites you have the more effort you will expend writing Page titles, descriptions and doing keyword research.

The days of writing for the algorithm are long gone. Write for your customer and you will naturally cover your topic.

9. Hosting And Setup

If you make five sites and you want to get the benefit of interlinking them then you need to host each different site on a different IP address to get the maximum link juice.

This type of “link wheel” is obvious to spot and being as the domain names are probably all registered in your name Google will be able to make the association easily.

Why bother going to all the trouble?

Linking from one site to another is standard practice. Why wouldn’t you do that after all?

What’s that? Are you going to use domain anonymity? It just gets worse and your feeble attempts to try and pull the wool are becoming laughable.

10. Business Focus

Lastly, but most importantly, trying to build multiple sites rather than just concentrating on one good one leads to a dilution in your business focus.

Stick to the knitting and do the basics right. It is far more preferable to have one big quality site than spread your effort thinly over many.

Building one quality site, keeping social media channels updated regularly and consistently posting new content will give you a far more manageable business model than trying to keep on top of many sites.

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