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Shopify Launches New Credit Card Reader And POS App

Shopify Launches New Credit Card Reader And POS App

Tony Cooper  
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Shopify launches new credit card reader
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May 11, 2017
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Shopify Inc

eCommerce software supplier Shopify begins its assault on the UK point of sale market with the launch of a new credit card reader and POS app.

The UK is Shopifys second largest market the launch of the Shopify POS app and card reader provides small business owners an easy and secure way to accept payments anywhere. Now merchants in the UK can run their entire business with Shopify.” Hailey Coleman  Product Growth Manager at Shopify

The new reader will accept contactless and traditional card-based payments and will compete with Sumup, iZettle and WorldPay for a slice of the mobile credit card payment market which is expanding rapidly.

This is a great move by Shopify because it means that users of Shopify eCommerce software can now also serve the customer through mobile credit card channels. Competitors like iZettle, who have several more years experience of developing for this market may find that they are suddenly outflanked as Shopify corners this sector of the market.

The Shopify device costs £59 which is right in line with its competitors in this market, and it supports both Apple Pay and Android with the App being downloadable via Google Play store.

If you are an Android user, then you might like to check out the features available for your phone because several users have complained that Android app development lags behind the Apple counterpart.

The device is currently on pre-order, but it comes with a £20 discount for a limited time.

Credit card rates start at 1.6%, but small volume users need to check with Shopify as your price will be considerably higher than that quoted. Probably closer to the 2.9% that is standard across other mobile credit card readers.

How It Works

The Shopify device just plugs into your iPad or Android phone audio jack and allows a credit card to be swiped through its magnetic card reader. The amount to be debited is keyed in via the app on a touchscreen device.

More Information At Shopify

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