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The Website Promotion Technique That Will Light A Fire Under Your Ass!

The Website Promotion Technique That Will Light A Fire Under Your Ass! Featured

Tony Cooper  
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The Website Promotion Technique That Will Light A Fire Under Your Ass!
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May 20, 2016

"I'm getting too many orders"

"We are running out of stock fast"

"The servers are overloaded with traffic"

All statements you would love to be able to say. All problems you would like to have.

But how do you get these problems on a regular basis? You've read every SEO forum, every search engine marketing website and still your traffic is stuck in a horizontal straight line.

Having enough information available to get more traffic is not the problem for you, it is having too much. You are overloaded with marketing strategies that conflict and jar with each other.

Marketing forums proliferate where the noise level exceeds any worthwhile knowledge value gained. Members argue over the minutiae of keyword placement or strive to discover the optimum amount of words on a page to make it rank higher.

Social Media "Guru's" all vie for your attention. Wasting your time and draining your energy.

Everyone claims to have a shortcut to success. Everyone has a magic "system" for generating traffic.


It's All Irrelevant Nonsense.

You Simply Need To Build A Better Bonfire.



Let's Simplify The Nine Basic Internet Marketing Elements:

1. Keyword research means trying to discover how competitive keywords are to rank for. This is the foundation on which your business is initially built.

2. Website design and build means navigation structure and making sure pages are easy to find.

3. On page search engine optimisation is a "do once" necessity. You need the right mix of keywords in your content. The correct page titles maximise your traffic. Paying an expert to make sure this is done optimally is a worthwhile investment.

4. Off page optimisation means sourcing great links. It is an ongoing monthly process. It covers link building methods like guest posting, online press releases and building relationships with other website owners in your niche to solicit links. If you are paying an SEO company a monthly retainer then generally this is the bulk of the work they should be billing you for.

5. Pay per click is a method of paying for advertising on search engines or other sites. Can you write headlines that attract clicks? Make landing pages that convert? Doing it better than anyone else is the key to making it work.

6. Content marketing means adding insightful and meaningful pieces that add to the value of the overall conversation.

7. Social media marketing means engaging with the ongoing conversation using your choice of media channel.

8. Email marketing means building a subscriber list.

9. Conversion rate optimisation means integrating all the above into a well oiled marketing machine that attaches a value to an action. (Lead, sale, subscriber)

Got that? Everything else is fluff. Smoke and mirrors.

Now Let's Build Your Bonfire:

Doing keyword research will create a match. The better your match the more chance you have of lighting a bonfire.

Your product is the kindling with which you get your bonfire started. A better product means the bonfire will catch and burn more quickly.

Building a website will create a bonfire skeleton. The bigger the better.

Adding great core content means the bonfire will burn more brightly for longer.

On page SEO will ensure the bonfire has plenty of oxygen and will breathe life into it.

Off page SEO will bring constant and steady wind to your bonfire.

Pay per click will add more logs to your bonfire.

Content marketing will throw huge trees on your bonfire

Email marketing will bring rapid bursts of accelerated growth to your bonfire.

Social media will pour gasoline on your bonfire and make it dance ecstatically.

Conversion rate optimisation will make sure your bonfire is always manageable.

Go ahead, light the match.

Burn Baby, Burn.

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