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User Replay - Session Replay & Customer Experience Analytics
User Replay - Video Replay User Sessions.

User Replay - Session Replay & Customer Experience Analytics

Tony Cooper  
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User Replay - Video Replay User Sessions.
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November 06, 2016
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User Replay offers site owners the opportunity to be able to view user sessions on a website by video recording the customer journey, it's a "black box recorder" of user sessions.

In 2014 user replay secured a round of funding to develop the software and has so far raised over £3m through various angel investors who have backed startups including Zoopla, Lovefilm, Shazam and Betfair. The UK taxpayer funded Technology Strategy Board has also contributed £250k.

The goal of the software is to provide insight into what eCommerce customers actually experience during a user session. By recording user actions and making the session replayable User Replay can identify technical and performance problems as well as identifying and diagnosing barriers to conversion. This is something you could only determine by visually tracking a users actions rather than analysing statistics. The principal markets User Replay serves are Financial Services , Insurance, Retail and Travel.

Replicate And Fix Website Problems

Analytics will tell you a lot of things but it won't give you the reason why. For example you can measure the length of time a customer spends on a page but you can't tell why they leave a page after just a few seconds. A User Replay session can give you that information. Just as one complaint is a tiny percentage of your overall customer base, website problems are rarely flagged up by users - they just move on to another site that works properly.

Recover Abandoned Shopping Carts

My favourite topic of the moment. Being able to ascertain why your users abandon such a high percentage of shopping carts is going to make the difference between success and failure of your eCommerce store. if you use an onlline eCommerce website builder for retail then you'll get the benefit of using a universal checkout which is UX tested. However for those in verticals like Travel and Finance making even a small 1% improvement can make a massive difference to the bottom line.

If you can contact customers whilst they are in the process of trying to place an order then you may be able to salvage the transaction. Being able to identify these types of customer journey quickly and alerting customer services is what User Replay is designed to do.

Resolve Customer Disputes

Customer complaints can be quickly dealt with by replaying the users journey and providing an irrefutable audit trail to settle the dispute.

Identify And Prevent Fraud

User Replay can identify suspicious transactions in real time and export user journeys to PDF format to be used as evidence to support prosecution if required.

User Replay recently added Machine Learning to their product to help better resolve issues in real time. By discovering hard to find customer "pain points".

For example, a leading national retailer’s website was causing customers to see the error message “Sorry, some of the items in your basket just sold out.” However, there was no indication of which item was sold out and none of the items when checked individually showed a stock warning. UserReplay’s machine learning algorithm uncovered the issue and the high-fidelity replay showed the retailer how to fix the problem. The error was occurring 53 times per day, with an average basket value of $76.50, for an estimated annualized revenue opportunity of $1.479M.

“We are very excited to add the new machine learning feature to UserReplay, Clients can now discover the issues hindering their customer experiences quicker and easier than ever before, allowing them to uncover countless revenue opportunities they might never have known existed.”

UserReplay CEO, John Thompson

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