eCommerce Website Design Services

eCommerce Website Design Services

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July 25, 2017

Are your website promotion efforts a frustrating and futile attempt to climb the search engine rankings? 

Does your graphic design lack the power to convert casual surfers and browsers to buyers?

Do you need an eCommerce website development partner that can transform your ideas into a fully functional lead generation machine?

Would you like organic search engine optimisation results that bring an influx of new business every single day?

Achieving the perfect blend of graphic design elements, combined with compelling copywriting is the surefire way to get your customers to part with their hard earned cash. Interweaving prosaic prose and ensuring that the words and products are the stars of the show is the key to target driven conversions.

Beautiful eCommerce Website Design

Storebuilder has partnered up with several of the best eCommerce website builder solutions to provide guidance and support services for their product which means you can get up and running in record time.

If you are based in Telford and the surrounding Shropshire area, then you can use my SEO freelance consulting services to help set up your eCommerce store and provide ongoing support if you need it.

Trying to work your way through the different software choices can be mind boggling for anyone new to internet marketing. My eCommerce website builder reviews will help you make the right decision, and a bit of expert knowledge can go a long way to making sure everything runs smoothly.

Besides, it's always good to put a face to a name, meet new people and see what exciting projects they are working on. Much more fun than sitting behind a computer screen all day long!

Shopify Partners

Shopify Partner

If you've read my Shopify review, then you'll know how highly I rate this eCommerce solution. Over 243,00 stores and counting can not all be wrong.

Shopify offers extensive documentation and support and setting up their store is straightforward for anyone with some knowledge of how cloud-based software works.

If you are not confident though or would like to leave the job to a professional, then I can do all the basic store setup for you including adding a theme and tweaking it to reflect your brand. I'll update the theme with your logo and use fonts and colours in keeping with your company style.

You'll get support on the best way to setup your products and collections, how to construct the navigation and I'll suggest the best payment gateways and shipping options and get it all installed for you. Prices start from £850 for basic setup.

If you want dedicated project management, layout changes to page templates, App installs and design concepts for the major pages then a ballpark figure is around £2,500 including complete customisation of the theme and all graphics supplied. The price is entirely dependent on the degree of complexity you require.

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Lemonstand Partner

Lemonstand is rapidly becoming the tool of choice for building fully customised shopping experiences with a rapid development life cycle. My Lemonstand review covers all the main points but to summarise if you need complete control over the look and feel of your site from the front page all the way through to check out integration then Lemonstand eCommerce is the ideal choice.

If you choose to use Lemonstand, then you'll need some developer hand-holding to get the most out of it, and this is definitely where project design skills are required to create a wireframe and perfect the entire customer journey. As a Lemonstand Partner, I can map out the easiest way to get up and running and create the shopping experience that your customers will love. Prices start from £4,500.

And of course, if you need custom designed graphics or a new Logo then we are always here to help.

Have you started an eCommerce project and got stuck or need help? Read the Ultimate Guide To Building An eCommerce Website for some help and inspiration. You'll find many useful resources here for help on making a logo, starting your eCommerce business and finding products to sell.

Planning And Consultation

If you would like to work in close collaboration with an expert freelancer, then you'll be pleasantly surprised at how effortless it is to get the job done.

I work with my clients to ensure they get the most from their internet marketing budget and pack the most punch pound for pound.

Wordpress, Joomla Magento Website Design

The Right Tools For The Right Job

I can also build sites in Joomla or Wordpress. Different site requirements define the right tool to be used for the job. However, your site is built you can be sure that it will be easy to update and displays nicely on whatever platform it is using.

In addition to CMS website design, I'm an expert in Search Engine Optimisation making sure that once all the hard work has been done to get you up and running your site will be visible in the search engine results.

CMS Website Design

Using CMS website design gives you the following advantages:

1.    Technologically Sound:

WordPress and Joomla are two of the most commonly used platforms to build standard internet sites.

The advantages of using a proven system to power your site far outweigh the disadvantages of being left with custom code that can quickly become outdated. For all but the most demanding custom applications, we recommend using one of those two platforms to build your site.

2.    Easy To Update:

WordPress and Joomla are two of the easiest systems to administrate. WordPress is an excellent workhorse for most sites and is equally good at publishing a lot of content in a short time or just having a few static pages that are infrequently updated.

WordPress is used by some of the biggest sites on the planet so don’t be fooled by its simplistic nature. It was originally designed as a blogging platform, but over the years more functionality has been added, and it is perfectly capable of powering large sites.

Joomla is more complicated to set up but what you get in return is a robust multi-author system with extensive user permissions.

Joomla is a good alternative to WordPress if you have many different users publishing content and you want to control which sections they can post to or how much control they have over their posting schedule.

3.    User Friendly

WordPress is incredibly easy to use right out of the box and needs little administration to get up and running. Joomla requires setting up so that regular users don’t see all the configuration stuff which can make them blind to getting on with the job of publishing content.

Whichever system you choose we have the expertise to set it up to match your business requirements and make it look good.

We do things quickly here, using the latest Agile and Scrum techniques. We like to work in close cooperation with the customer, identifying the most important tasks to be completed and finishing them in short bursts or "sprints" - as you'll find out if you come and join us.

Website Makeovers

If you have an existing static HTML website that you would like to refresh, then my design team can offer you a makeover like no other!

It’s not always necessary to tear down the walls and start building from scratch. Sometimes a complete makeover of all the graphic design elements taken as a whole can produce the desired effect at a fraction of the cost of building a new website.

Storebuilder 100% GuaranteeRemember - all the work I do is covered by my 100% money back guarantee.

Need something I haven't covered? Give me a call 07963 242210.


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