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Once you've built your site, you are going to need some traffic to make sales!

The process of gaining traffic and exposure is outlined in this post which breaks the components of SEO down into easily understandable chunks. Because it doesn't need to be so complicated!

These tools will help you do keyword research and analyse your competition. Usually, it's a lot quicker to see where others have gained links so that you can evolve your own approach to website promotion.

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SEMrush Digital Marketing Tools
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SEMRush Overview Building an eCommerce website takes tons of hard work. First of all, you need an idea. When you've got that you have to find the products you want to sell and work out the logistics of stocking and packing. Even if you are drop-shipping it still needs planning to make it function properly. Next, you have to choose an eCommerce website builder and build out your site. This should be the easiest part of your business plan because the tools to do the job are so much more comprehensive these days....
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