Use Emotion To Sell Your Product

Use Emotion To Sell More Product

There is a fantastic scene in the series one finale of “Mad Men” where the Kodak guys turn up for a presentation by Don to show them how they can market their “wheel”.

It’s certainly the finest 3 minutes of television in the first series, and if you haven’t seen “Mad Men” yet and have more than a passing interest in marketing or advertising, then you have a whole box set of treats awaiting you.

The “wheel” was a new product that Kodak invented to display photos quickly and easily using 35mm slides via a projector screen and in this scene, Don turns an ordinary sounding “wheel” into what became known as the Kodak Carousel.

Kodak Carousel Slide Projector

I remember my dad used to have one and he used to spend ages numbering all the slides and placing them in order. There were shots of him sitting on mountains and putting up tents and doing all the fun things that army guys do. I wonder if he still has them in the attic somewhere. I’ll put money on it the original projector is still up there along with all the slides.

He used to get it set up occasionally, maybe if friends were round and they’d have a right old time going through all the pictures and chewing the fat. Now, of course, it’s just a case of passing around the tablet or uploading another photo to Facebook. The formality may have gone, but the underlying human need to share is alive more than ever.

But of course, we are not about to start lamenting the passing of old technology. The inexorable march into the future means that there is no place for outdated machinery except maybe in retro bars or for vintage hunters on eBay.

Let Your Readers Feel The Emotion

What Don does with the wheel is turn an ordinary sounding product into something that has magical allure. It’s not merely a device for showing pictures, it’s something that allows you to feel the emotion and when people get emotional, they resonate with what they are being shown.

This is why soulless writing has no place on your website

We’ve moved on from the days when spun articles were a sound investment. People will see through your charade, and it’s very easy to spot the difference between something written with the audience in mind and another 500-word keyword stuffed piece of trash.

If you own a company that intends to have a more than mediocre web presence, then you have to give your audience what they want and what they want is to feel the emotion. They know when they are spoon fed a substandard product.

Take a leaf out of Don’s book and begin to describe your product in vivid detail. Explain why you love it so much, why you get out of bed in the morning to go to work, why you put so much effort into bringing it to life.

If you are pitching for more business, your blog is your most valuable sales tool available, and it works for you over and over again. While you sleep, while you eat dinner or come up with that new product launch.

And it’s consistent, unlike Don, who like all creative geniuses was an extremely erratic and sometimes tragic figure. Sometimes brilliant, sometimes in the gutter.

But we loved him all the same for his emotion.

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