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Everything you wanted to know about building an eCommerce website and a lot you didn't! Here you'll find an expert analysis for why you should choose Shopify over Magento or why Lemonstand makes a better platform for new startups that are going places.

Bandwidth overage charges are a bad thing, and I advise you to steer clear of any platform that imposes limits on the amount of traffic you can receive to your website or the number of images you can store. Hosting is such a cheap commodity these days that there is absolutely no reason for it apart from nickel and diming you.

Also, you'll find some great tools and resources like my guide to finding royalty free images for your eCommerce store and a comprehensive guide to merchant accounts, payment gateways and eCommerce transaction charges.

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Payment gateways explained
TC Tony Cooper Updated May 22, 2019
In my last blog, I explained what an Internet Merchant Account (IMA) is and why you need one if you are going to accept credit cards as a payment option. This article is going to walk you through what a payment gateway is, why you need it and how it works with your IMA A traditional chip and pin reader is a payment gateway. It is the conduit between the customer's credit card and receiving funds from it into your bank account. In between, there is a whole lot of processing going on,...
Internet Merchant Accounts Explained
TC Tony Cooper Updated May 23, 2019
Why Do I Need An Internet Merchant Account (IMA)? If you accept credit or debit cards as a payment form of any type, then you will need to have a merchant account with your bank or a third party provider into which you deposit your sales receipts. This internet merchant account works purely as a “container” for funds to deposit into via card transaction and where applicable to process refunds. In essence, a merchant account is a line of credit extended by your bank which you never need to see. ...
Affiliate marketing guide
TC Tony Cooper Updated January 22, 2019


As a method of supplementing your income or replacing a full-time one, affiliate marketing is one of the best, if not the ultimate way of gaining financial freedom and being able to live a flexible lifestyle. Property Investment WAS another way The combination of low interest rates and comparatively small deposits mean that it is easy for a prospective landlord to buy a property and “wash its face” by renting it out while waiting for the property value to increase over time. House prices consistently rise because of the reduced land available and...
21 Tips That Will Transform Your Joomla Website Into A Marketing Machine Powerhouse
TC Tony Cooper Updated May 27, 2019


Wordpress is a fantastic blogging tool, and it kicks sand in the face of Joomla for blogging ability. It is designed to get articles published quickly, and as a blogging platform, you can't beat it. But sometimes you need more than just a blog, or a tool to support your eCommerce website builder and Joomla is the tool for more advanced website solutions. The Difference Between Joomla And Wordpress Is This: Joomla is primarily multi-user software. If you want to build a thriving community portal or forum, then it has...
Find Your Perfect Domain Name With These 5 Fantastic Tips
TC Tony Cooper Updated April 04, 2020


Finding That Elusive "Perfect Domain Name." So you've spent an eternity planning your eCommerce website project. Everything is falling into place, except for that one all-important item: your domain name. That damn "whois" search box always comes back with the same reply: "registered". Isn't that so frustrating! Are you looking for a great business name? Business Name Generator is a fantastic free tool for your next project. How are you going to find anything useful that will give your project status and connect with your customers? As...
Why Content marketing is a good investment
TC Tony Cooper Updated March 29, 2020


You've commissioned a new eCommerce website, it's gone live, and now you sit back and wait for the mass of traffic to arrive at your door and the inevitable avalanche of orders that will come with it. Well, unfortunately, It doesn't happen that way. Getting your site launched is just the start of a long process of website promotion techniques that you need to put together to enjoy any success in internet marketing.
26 results - showing 21 - 26
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