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Shopify has been on a massive growth spurt for the past several years and is making inroads into the UK eCommerce market, but for UK users, is it the best choice? There are some fundamental reasons why UK users should choose Shopwired rather than Shopify to build their online business:

Shopwired Comparison Chart

Shopify Checkout Comes Under Canadian Jurisdiction

Shopify hosts their network servers in Ottawa, Canada, and so the checkout process comes under Canadian jurisdiction. It's not likely to happen, but if you ever got into a dispute with a customer, then it would need to be resolved under Canadian law. No day out at the High Court for you.

Shopify Sites Are Slower To Load.

When I view my local butcher's website here in Telford, I'm seeing the site in Canada. It's logical that load times are going to be longer than if hosted in the UK. Shopwired did a random study of ten Shopwired sites vs ten Shopify sites and found that on average, the UK based hosting saved .2s loading time.

Shopify v Shopwired

No Agree To Terms And Conditions Checkbox

In order to comply with EU law, stores selling to EU customers need to display a “Terms And Conditions” checkbox before completing the order. Shopify Stores do not currently have this.

Transaction Fees

If you don't use their integrated “Shopify Payments”, then Shopify charges 2% transaction fees on their lowest paid plan over and above any payment gateway charge. Shopwired have zero transaction charges. See my guide to transaction charges if you want to know what these are.

You'll Need To Pay For Extra Apps With Shopify

Shopify's huge App store means you can add a lot of extra functionality to your store, but it comes at a cost, and all those other Apps can add up.

Relying on so many third-party Apps to add functionality to your product can cause problems when they are not updated.

Because all of the Shopwired Apps are native, the functionality you need integrates seamlessly with the platform. Shopwired also integrates with Kashflow Accounting.


If you want to customise Shopify, then you'll need to learn their Liquid templating language. By contrast, Shopwired uses standard CSS and HTML, which makes it easy to modify.

Another, often overlooked factor is that Shopify was established in 2004, and while they have kept up with technological changes in the market place, major factors like store check out are still being resolved. Only recently it was announced that store owners would no longer need to use the general shopify checkout and instead have their own branded checkout. To be implemented in August 2017.

Shopwired does not have these problems as it is built using the latest eCommerce technology.


Perhaps the most crucial difference is support. You'll only need it when things go wrong! Getting instant help from a specialist UK team can make all the difference in building your successful eCommerce business.

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