Productivity Tips For Digital Marketers

The Internet is a playground for anyone that wants to lose valuable time. Avoiding distractions and getting the work done can be a difficult discipline to learn for anyone new to digital marketing.

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TC Tony Cooper Updated May 12, 2019


The recent Citron Research report and its claims that Shopify is nothing more than a pyramid selling scheme akin to Herbalife, contained some hard-hitting truths. People are being duped left, right and centre into believing that setting up an eCommerce store with Shopify is the simple way to untold riches. It Isn't And The Reason Is Obvious: Shopify is simply a tool to create an eCommerce website. A very good one at that, but it is not a business solution in a box. You can't sign up for a subscription and expect to...
Ninja Gmail Marketing
TC Tony Cooper Updated April 04, 2019
Three Simple Steps To Build A Gmail Marketing Powerhouse Full Contact Add-On For Chrome The first job you need to tackle before you can start an email campaign is to organise your contacts into a useful list. The simple Google Contacts App is a fantastic starting point, but the Chrome Add-on “Full Contact” is far superior and will have you tagging your contacts into useful lists in no time at all. If you've used Gmail for a few years, then the number of contacts that you've built up will probably...
Drip Drip Drip… The Power Of Little And Often
TC Tony Cooper Updated March 29, 2020


The year is 2004. Google’s IPO Raises $1.67 Billion, Janet Jackson exposes her breast during the halftime super bowl show, and Lance Armstrong wins the sixth of his drug-fuelled Tour De France. When factory workers pack that next box, press the machine button or office workers click their mouse; unless you do something you love, it can often feel like time is standing still. But when it comes to remembering these historical events from just twelve years ago, you realise how quickly time marches on.
Build One Quality Site And Reap The Time And Cost Savings
TC Tony Cooper Updated October 15, 2018
Do you think you might capture more traffic and market share by building more and more websites in the same niche? Here I outline why that strategy is such a terrible idea. 1. Redundant Technology Sites that were built only a few years ago and that are not responsive will all need to be updated so that they display correctly on modern devices. If you have a lot of sites, then you will have a lot of updating to do, and that can be expensive. Who knows what we may...
4 results - showing 1 - 4