Transform Your Email Marketing Campaigns With These Google Chrome Add-Ons

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Three Simple Steps To Build A Gmail Marketing Powerhouse

Full Contact Add-On For Chrome

The first job you need to tackle before you can start an email campaign is to organise your contacts into a useful list. The simple Google Contacts App is a fantastic starting point, but the Chrome Add-on “Full Contact” is far superior and will have you tagging your contacts into useful lists in no time at all.

If you've used Gmail for a few years, then the number of contacts that you've built up will probably have become unmanageable. You'll have contacts that range from those who have made a single purchase on eBay to hundreds if not thousands of spam contacts. Also, you'll probably have a contact App on your phone that is not synced with Gmail, not to mention the contacts you have accumulated in LinkedIn and other social media accounts.


Pulling all these contact lists together and consolidating them into a single list is where “FullContact” comes in. Spend eight hours with this tool weeding out all the spam and importing your lists from social media accounts, and you'll have the beginnings of a list with which you can work.

That's how long it took me to knock my list into shape. I whittled down around 3,000 total Gmail contacts into a list of 1,000 in that time frame so you can use that as a rough calculator for how much time you need to spend on your list. Once you've got rid of all the spam, the brilliant de-duplicator in FullContact will do most of the other work for you.

My best tip when it comes to contacts is that once FullContact has pulled all the information that it can from all the publicly available social media profiles then if your connection does not have a photo associated with it then that contact address is most likely spam. These days anyone serious about building an internet business will attach a photo to their social media profile. There will be those that don't and for perfectly valid reasons but in general, I've found this to be a good indicator of an active account.

Once you've knocked your list into shape, you need to start tagging. I suggest you use a global tag for each contact for use when you want to email everyone on your list and then apply tags accordingly.

For example, in my lists, I have a “global” tag which is assigned to every contact and then “recruitment consultants”, “website builder reviews”, “journalists”, “guest posts” etc. You can assign multiple tags to each contact.

One of the groups I created was “Friends And Family” so they can easily be found and a Christmas card list built out of it. Now you have no excuse for not sending Christmas cards!

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Now that we've got a useful tagged list this is where the fun begins.

Just type in your tag into the search bar at the top of FullContact, and it will return a list of every contact that owns that tag. Now “select all” and export the list to a CSV file.

Open Google Sheets and import your CSV file and save the Sheet. This is where the magic happens.

Gmass Add-On For Chrome

Gmass is a Chrome add-on that can connect to a Google Spreadsheet and merge the data to produce a personalised email sent to all the contacts in the list. You are not restricted to just the {firstname}, {lastname} fields, and you can add {companyname} or any other custom field that you might like to define in your contact list.

First of all, you connect to the Google Sheet you want to use from within Gmail. Then you compose your email as you would usually and drag and drop the fields that you want to merge. It is that simple. Then click the “Gmass” button, and an individual email will be sent to all recipients on the list.

You don't have to use Google Sheets to make this work either. You can search for a term in your inbox, for example, “guest post” and Gmass will automatically build an email list ready for you to send an individual pitch to everyone you have ever spoken to about a guest post!

Gmass will track every email open and click and give you a full report on your email campaign.

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ActiveInbox Add-On For Chrome

What do you do with all those emails that keep flooding your inbox and insisting on a reply?

Get control over your email by installing ActiveInbox Chrome add-on. This smart application will let you assign due dates to emails and show you all the emails that are tagged with today's date to be actioned. It's a project management tool built right into Gmail explicitly designed to help you track and manage your email tasks.

Now your emails won't disappear into the “sent email” folder never to resurface and be forgotten about forever.

Turn all of your emails into tasks to be done and never lose another email conversation.

Key Features:
Schedule email delivery
Organise Gmail Folders
Add notes to emails
Edit email subjects to make them more useful

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These three Chrome add-ons will transform Gmail into a slick email marketing machine doing the work of several people. You'll wonder how you ever got by without them!