Terapeak Data Mining For eBay, Amazon, Alibaba, eCommerce

Terapeak Review - Data Mining For eBay, Amazon, Alibaba, eCommerce

Terapeak Data Mining For eBay, Amazon, Alibaba, eCommerce


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Terapeak is the market leader in eCommerce analytics. The Terapeak platform provides historical and current marketplace transactional data designed to help online retailers better understand the product, pricing, competitor and market behaviour.

Terapeak will give you a comprehensive overview of the eBay and Amazon marketplace, providing you with market insights to help minimise risk and aid you in the decision-making process.

This product has tools designed to help you spot new and upcoming products, hot trends, seasonal trends and will enable you to gather data about competitors listings so that you are not poking around in the dark. It will eliminate much of the guesswork from multi-channel selling products on Amazon and eBay platforms, and provide you with plenty of new market opportunities.

How Terapeak Works

Terapeak is the only certified analytics provider of eBay data. There are several cheaper services available that will get you the same information, but you might find that all your hard research work suddenly disappears overnight if you choose to go that route.

Terapeak, therefore, has access to the eBay database and by using its custom built queries can provide a user interface that will allow you to quickly interrogate the data to find selling trends, top listings and hot products. The interface is not the easiest to use, and it will take you some time to find your way around the menu options.

You can use Terapeak on a mobile device, so it makes the job of researching products that have seasonal trends and finding new hot products a lot easier as well as taking a more scientific approach. You'll get access to 365 days of historical data to be able to make your listing decisions.

Here are some of the tools offered within the member’s area:

  • Seller’s Account Management and Data
  • Product Research for eBay and Amazon
  • Where to Find Sources for Your Products
  • Competitor Research
  • Search Engine Optimization Service for Quality Keywords

You can access most of these tools on a trial basis, once the trial expires you will be required to sign-up for a paid membership if you wish to continue using the services.

Tools For Ebay and Shopify Sellers

Shopify recently announced that it had signed an agreement to allow products sold through eCommerce stores to be listed directly on the eBay marketplace. Unfortunately, at the moment this option is only available to USA sellers and in US dollars, but it will follow for UK retailers shortly. This option will save a lot of work for retailers who want to sell through their eCommerce website web channel and also maintain many eBay and Amazon listings.

The benefit for Terapeak users is that Shopify now shows up as an account to link in the Terapeak user dashboard. You can add all three channels - Amazon, eBay and Shopify to your user account.

Terapeak dashboard allows you to link ebay,amazon and shopify accounts.

Product Research

Want to find out what the best selling products are on eBay? Start researching your products and you'll find a wealth of information to aid you in discovering new and existing products.

If you are looking for an eCommerce website idea then my blog post find an eCommerce website idea is a great place to start.

I'm weighing up two options for a drop shipping business. The first is in the kid's electric car niche and toys, for no other reason than when I did my Oberlo research this seemed like a market with several active players who had built excellent Magento websites, but no one (as yet) had built a Shopify or Shopwired website to take advantage of new technology.

Considering a drop shipping business? You might like to read my UK Drop Shipping Guide and UK Drop Shipping Ideas 2017

The second is a "Sleep" website. This is a pretty huge niche, but everyone has to sleep right!

Have you ever tried to go to sleep listening to a bit of chill out music or an audible book? I've found listening to rain sounds work for me and sends me into the land of nod very quickly. But, those big clunky wireless headphones tend to wake you when you move onto your side and get uncomfortable after a while.

The solution is "sleep headphones" - a washable sweatband with removable Bluetooth speakers that are comfortable to wear in bed and make listening to audio a dream.

Here's my product research screen:

Terapeak product research


 Each product link gives you a link to the actual eBay listing:

Terapeak ebay listing

Each Terapeak product column is sortable so you can re order by bids, average item price, items sold, total sales and the sale date. So while everything is in USD and only has listings from USA sellers, this is the perfect time for UK sellers to start doing their research. Trends from the USA always make their way to the UK later on.

Inventory Ideas

On the menu bar, I noticed an "inventory ideas" tab which lists all the related listings, so it will give you all the products you need to flesh out your eBay store:

Ideas for your ebay store

Sourcing Products

Once you've got your idea and found what you want to sell, the next step is to source your products. Terapeak integrates with Alibaba to make searching for products a breeze.

Source your products from alibaba

After a few more clicks and a bit of research on Alibaba, I found that the product I had identified as a possible candidate for my shop was a whole range of clothing that uses Bluetooth headphones. Sweatbands, hats, lycra headbands, etc. 

SEO Research

Simply start typing your product keywords, and Terapeak will start coming up with the most popular keywords used on eBay and Google. Highlighting eBay keywords in blue and Google keywords in green.

It doesn't replace doing keyword research, but it's an excellent start.

Terapeak SEO research

Hot Categories

Want to know what the best selling categories are on eBay? Terapeak will tell you that as well.



Terapeak pricing


When I started my review of Terapeak, I wasn't sure what to expect because I'd seen several negative comments saying that free trials had been charged for even though they had been cancelled and other comments along the lines that you can get this information for free by manually doing your research.

Well yes, you can do manual research, but what I was able to achieve in three or four hours using Terapeak blew me away. Beginners and experienced users alike will both have a lot to gain by using Terapeak. Being able to research top sellers on eBay or give your new idea a whirl and then quickly find suppliers on Alibaba takes all the guesswork out of building your eCommerce store.

I think that the recent Terapeak upgrade has introduced many new features that make it indispensable for anyone serious about running an eBay store and managing multiple listings across different platforms. No doubt Terapeak will keep improving the product and add functionality to what is already a great tool.

I wouldn't let the doubters put you off. This is a fantastic platform to help you build a successful eCommerce business. You could use it in conjunction with Oberlo to build a Shopify drop shipping business in no time at all.  

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Business Intelligence

July 30, 2017
Toronto, Canada—July 27, 2017—Leading e-commerce analytics provider Terapeak today announced new tools to support Shopify merchants seeking to sell their inventory on eBay. Following the recently disclosed partnership between eBay and Shopify, Terapeak’s announcement paves the way for Shopify sellers to effectively target buyers on eBay, which are among the most active and diverse in the world. Sellers can link their Shopify seller accounts to Terapeak, which also supports eBay and Amazon accounts, to monitor and analyze their sales performance and the effectiveness of their product listings. Now, Shopify sellers who link their accounts in Terapeak can also make use of Terapeak’s new Sales Predictions tool, which relies on proprietary algorithms to show how likely a seller’s products are to generate eBay sales over a 30-day period.