Traffic Truffle - Identify Businesses That Have Visited Your Website

Traffic Truffle - Identify Businesses That Have Visited Your Website

Traffic Truffle - Identify Businesses That Have Visited Your Website


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Traffic Truffle Overview

Traffic Truffle tells you which businesses have been on your site using reverse DNS lookup technology and integrating third party tools to give you as much information as possible about your visitor.

This information is then used to generate leads, allowing you to get in touch at the right time (when your prospect has recently been on your site). Traffic Truffle will also tell you which pages your prospect has visited, so you'll know what they are interested in before you contact them. Traffic Truffle will provide a list of email addresses for employees at the visiting business, and the software will show you if you have any 1st, 2nd or 3rd connections on LinkedIn - making it easier to get in touch.

The free account allows users to sign up for a permanently free account which will let you see the first five businesses that come to your site every day, any additional companies are ‘locked’, and you can only see them if you upgrade your account. 

Signing up takes two minutes - just a name, email address and your website URL and then you need to put two lines of tracking code on your site (similar to Google Analytics). The only thing you have to lose by signing up for a free account is the additional Javascript load on your website which is a small price to pay!


Traffic Truffle Hot Pages

Categorise your website pages into Hot, Warm and Cold pages. 

Hot/Warm pages are pages that would suggest the visitor is interested in buying your product/service. Examples of this might be your product details pages or quotes pages. An example of a cold page would be your blog, or a page advertising a job in your company, etc. Categorising your pages is designed to allow you to find the ‘truffles in your website traffic’ by prioritising the visitors that look like they might be interested in buying from you.

Truffle Bubbles

Traffic Truffle has a lot of information about visitors to your website. Are they returning visitors? What pages have they viewed? In which business sector do they operate? From which country or town has the visitor originated? Truffle Bubbles allow you to create custom messages to display to particular groups of visitors, for example:

Show a message saying “Would you like to see our work we did for BT” to anybody who visits your site whose business is in the telecoms sector and has been to the site more than once.


“Would you like to speak to a member of the sales department for your area? You could display this Traffic Bubble to anybody who comes to the site from London for example.

Traffic Truffle Pricing

Traffic truffle pricing


Traffic Truffle Summary

After I'd installed the script and let it run for a few days to accumulate some data I was amazed to find my dashboard populated with the details of companies who had visited the Storebuilder website. For any business involved in sales of products or services, this would be a fantastic addition to your business intelligence toolset.

The only drawback is that you can't tell who it was from a company that visited your page. So the information becomes more relevant the smaller the company. For example, if a supermarket chain visited then you wouldn't know if it was the CEO or the janitor whiling away their lunch break. If it were a local company with 10-20 employees, then you'd want to follow up with them immediately.

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