ActiveInbox Review - Take Control Of Your Gmail Inbox

ActiveInbox Review - Take Control Of Your Gmail Inbox


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Using Email is possibly the worst way to try and manage projects and tasks. Email gets lost and particularly in Gmail, once you've sent an email to someone it disappears off the radar until you get a response, which might never happen.

What you need is a way to convert those all important emails into tasks with due dates and track them so that nothing falls between the cracks.

ActiveInbox will help you make sense of your Gmail inbox and prioritise your workload. Set due dates for emails to become active and create “ToDo” lists automatically from received emails. The most important tasks sit right on top of your inbox so that at any time you know what the current workload is and what tasks need to be worked on next.


When your entire work process is email-dependent, it makes sense to turn those emails into tasks to be done, rather than trying to maintain separate task or project lists. It's not a replacement for sophisticated project management software like Jira but for small business owners or even small teams that use Gmail extensively to manage their email, Activeinbox is an indispensable aid.


Handle Multiple Projects And Clients.

Until I came across Activeinbox, I liked to use a helpdesk system to manage my email. You can do this by setting up an email forwarder to your helpdesk system, and each email then becomes a “ticket” which you can assign a priority to.

The main drawback with this system is that when you have a lot of emails to sift through you'll be creating hundreds of tickets a day and it becomes impractical.

One solution is to simply begin unsubscribing from all those email lists you belong to. Much of what you receive via email is garbage, but you'll often get advance information and if you use Google Alerts they alone can create an avalanche of email (Tip: configure your settings to that you get a daily “digest” of all the alerts to cut down on some emails).

Using ActiveInbox, you can create a folder hierarchy with a folder for each client and subfolders for each of their projects. You can then add emails to the relevant project folder.


Due Dates And Reminders

Click the due date at the top and select your completion date. When that date becomes today all of the items that are due will be listed under the “today tab”. Every email that you assign a future due date will disappear from your inbox until it becomes due to be worked on keeping your mind clear for the important tasks that have to be worked on today.

Key Features:

Schedule email delivery
Organise Gmail Folders
Add notes to emails
Edit email subjects to make them more useful

I've used ActiveInbox for six months or so now and it's made an incredible difference to productivity. Never lose another email or miss a major event.

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ActiveInbox Chrome Addon For Gmail
ActiveInbox is a brilliant addition to Gmail that converts your emails into an organised workflow with due dates and a searchable tagging system. For those who spend a lot of time in the Gmail interface, it is an indispensable tool.
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