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Full Contact Overview

Working in the eCommerce digital space means that you will be collecting a lot of email addresses. Using this App and the Chrome addon you can gain control over your contacts database and turn it into a powerful marketing tool.

Before that happens though, you'll have to do some heavy lifting. It took me about eight hours to work my way through all of the contacts I've accumulated over the last ten years. I managed to whittle down over 3,000+ Gmail contacts into a manageable database of around 800 “active” prospects and tagged them all to make a list searchable.

I had a mini disaster when I managed to import all of the contacts I had deleted during a Linkedin sync and had to start over again. Only to realise there was a backup feature that would have saved me redoing everything a week or so later!

Once you get your contact list into serviceable condition, this software will help you maintain the list and automatically update contact details as it searches public social media profiles across the web, helping you keep the list up to date.

Fullcontact account details

How it Works

Full contact works by “syncing” with your Google account, iCloud and Exchange/Office 365 accounts. Once you've connected your accounts, Full contact will automatically find duplicates, merge them and search the web for updated contact details.

Install the Android or iPhone App, and you have a fully functioning contact list available across all your devices.

One of the neat features I like is that using the Chrome add-on, you can preview contact details, so you know who you are talking to when composing your next email.

Full Contact supports import from Linkedin, CSV or vCard and several months worth of backup data is automatically available should you need it.

The most powerful feature of Full Contact is its “Tagging” ability which will let you assign multiple tags to a single contact. As an example of how this works, I set up a “friends & family” tag so that I can easily find all my relatives and fill in the address details. Now you have no excuse for not sending out Christmas and Birthday cards!

Many of my contacts now appear in several tagged lists. “Website Builder Reviews”, “Journalists” and “Recruitment Consultants” for example.

There are plenty of additional fields for you to enter more details about the contact as well as custom fields if you need them.

Contact Details Screen

Contact Management

Full Contact will scan email signatures for contacts to add. When a new contact sends you an email, you can “add contact” to your list and assign the appropriate tags. It's not all automatic, and you have to remember to do this, but once you have your contact list in some order, you'll begin to have a new respect for how powerful an organised contact list is.

The clever bit is when Full Contact searches publically available social media profiles for updated information and prompts you to update the contact details. You'll be surprised at how many people “job hop” and when they update their social media profiles you can automatically sync their new email address, phone numbers and other vital information if it has changed.


Full Contact is free to use software up to a maximum of 1,000 contacts and to sync with one email account. Premium users who pay $8.33 per month can sync with five email accounts and store up to 25,000 contacts.

Changes to account details are made once per day on the free plan and made in “real time” on the paid for plan.

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FullContact Review
When I started using this software I hadn't realised what a mess my contact list was in. Trying to find contacts using different devices and platforms was a complete waste of time.
FullContact has changed all that and with a bit of a self-discipline, you can quickly organise your contacts into meaningful lists and import and export with ease.
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