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Gmass Overview

Email marketing solutions and those telling you that “the money is in the list” proliferate on the web. However, none of them caters for where most people source their contact list – Gmail.

Gmass is a Chrome plugin that will allow you to send mail merge campaigns with automatic follow-up emails. These follow up emails can be sent sequentially until you get a reply. You can track email opens and clicks and personalise every message using a simple tagging system.

Gmass mass email

The most powerful feature of Gmass is the ability to connect to a Google sheet with all the contacts listed in a campaign. Gmass will automatically send a custom email to every recipient on the list. Gmass is a mail merge built right where you need it – within the Gmail interface.


To use this successfully, you need to tag all of your contacts. I use Gmass in combination with FullContact, tagging my contacts as I add them to the database and then exporting them to Google sheets for a mass mail merge campaign.

As an example of how this works, I tagged all of my contacts that have got in touch with me regarding job vacancies with a “recruitment consultants” tag. I then exported the tagged list to Google sheets and sent everyone on the list a personalised message attaching my CV. Within hours I had a response and a potential job interview.

Gmass Features

To make the most of Gmass, you'll need to be confident importing, exporting and using tags to manipulate your contact data. Once you've mastered this, you'll be mass emailing with style and building your contact lists (and your business) rapidly.

Mail merge with Google Sheets: Connect to Google Sheets and send a personalised mass email using any of the columns in your spreadsheet.

Mass email based on search results: Use Gmail's powerful search feature to find recipients and build your email list.

Emails sent as replies: Send your emails as new messages or replies to increase your response rate.

To use Gmass, you compose your message just like you would any other Gmail message including any attachments and images. There is a great “test mode” feature so that you can do a dummy run and build up your confidence before pressing the send button. We've all seen horrible emails sent out that have the {firstname} embedded at the start, and no one wants to fall victim to looking like a rank amateur when it comes to mass email!

Test mode will let you create drafts so that you can see what personalisation is going to look like. You can include any of the fields in your spreadsheet, so you are not restricted to just the {firstname} or {lastname} fields. There is plenty of licence to be creative.

If you ever wanted to send out a personalised email to many recipients and you use Gmail then Gmass is the answer.


Gmass Now accepts Bitcoin 

Gmass now has a "pause campaign" feature.

The Chrome extension has been updated

"Create Drafts" feature has been improved.

SMTP sending is now supported.

Visit The Gmass Website

Editor comments


Gmass Review
You'll need to be adept at exporting your contacts to a CSV file to use with Google Sheets but once you have that nailed you'll be a marketing pro with Gmass.

I use this in combination with FullContact where I can tag all my contacts ready for use with Gmass. The two Apps work brilliantly together and you'll be mass emailing with aplomb in no time at all.
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