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Brightpearl Company Overview

There are quite a few great stories about companies that did a "pivot" and ended up providing a service or product that was a million miles away from the original business plan.

Youtube started life as a dating site, Twitter was a podcasting network called Odeo, and Instagram was initially a mobile app called Burbn that failed to catch on. 

Brightpearl has an equally fascinating backstory, having mutated from a skateboard company born in 1999 into one of the worlds best multi-channel retail software companies.

Company founders Chris Tanner and Andy Mulvenna started developing Brightpearl in 2006 when they realised how difficult it was for retailers to run a multi-channel operation — managing orders, inventory and customers across different websites and platforms while at the same time striving to maintain high standards of customer service.

Since those early days, the company has accelerated growth by acquiring over $30 million to fund product development and installing a progressive business leader Dereck O'Carroll as CEO to drive the company forward.

Brightpearl has over 1,400 customers worldwide and has processed over $2.5 billion in orders.

Brightpearl Product Offering

Financial Management

Brightpearl provides a real-time financial management and accounting solution built specifically for retail and wholesale businesses. The software provides finance teams within retail and wholesale companies key functionality and insights such as landed-cost, multi-currency trading and real-time FIFO (First-in, First-out) inventory valuation.

Sales Order Management

Smooth and efficient order workflows through real-time order creation, advanced workflow automation rules and integrated shipping. This is combined with flexible returns management, real-time sales profitability, and integrated POS, inventory, purchasing, CRM, warehouse management and accounting.

Inventory Management

Great fulfilment options increase the capacity of the warehouse team, minimise errors and reduce inventory shrinkage, while advanced features like warehouse locations, barcode scanning, product variants and bundles increase accuracy and reduce mistakes. A fully integrated inventory solution with accounting, order management, customer service and warehousing means that you can focus on innovating and growing your business instead of collating data and fixing mistakes.

Warehouse & Fulfillment

Brightpearl’s integrated warehouse management solution supports barcode scanning, efficient inventory counts, flexible fulfilment options for all types of retail and wholesale business, back office automation and is fully integrated with your entire business - including inventory management, sales order management, purchase and supplier management, customer service and accounting.

Purchases & Supplier 

Centralise all your inventory, sales, purchasing, accounting, and reporting data into one single system, allowing you to forecast demand and prevent overextending on slow-moving items reliably. Alongside this, integrated warehousing means you can coordinate across multiple inventory locations, ensuring your products are where they’re needed most.

Customer Management

An integrated CRM system that supports real-time tracking of call notes, order history and emails, while seamlessly integrating with email marketing solutions through the use of automatic segmentation.

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