ChannelGrabber Review - Multichannel eCommerce Selling Software

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ChannelGrabber Review - Multichannel eCommerce Selling Software


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What Does ChannelGrabber Do?

ChannelGrabber connects your eCommerce website via a third party plugin to Amazon and eBay and helps you manage product listings, inventory, orders, billing, shipping and messaging.

With so many different platforms on which to sell your products, it can be time-consuming managing them all and ChannelGrabber is designed to not only manage your listings on your website but also to synchronise your stock levels primarily on Amazon and eBay so that you can monitor your inventory in real time.

Stock items are linked by SKU and can be created or updated in bulk by CSV file. ChannelGrabber offers bulk import/export, CSV updating, manual updating and advanced stock filtering rules all within one easy to use interface.

When the last item sells on any channel, every connected listing is paused. When you restock, the selling picks up right where it left off. And with all of your inventory in one place, you benefit from executing bulk imports and updates as well as using advanced stock rules to maximise your business potential.
By facilitating real-time synchronization of stock levels across all of your stores, you can’t oversell, you won’t falsely show as out of stock in any one store and you won’t miss out on those larger orders that might otherwise exceed your individual silo stock levels.
With it’s convenient, easy to use interface, ChannelGrabber provides you with an efficient and effective means of managing your stock and avoids you logging into multiple systems and websites. And ChannelGrabber’s advanced stock management features help save time and effort and improve customer experience.

Who Is It For?

ChannelGrabber is a help for anyone that has to manage stock across different eCommerce platforms. If you manage a website and also sell on Amazon and eBay then ChannelGrabber is designed to assist you.

ChannelGrabber Features:

Multiple Channels One Inventory
Connect to eBay, Amazon and website and make all of your stock available everywhere at once.
Real-Time Stock Synchronisation
ChannelGrabber links your entire inventory together so when a sale is made anywhere, its stock level is updated everywhere.
Easy Updates
Stock items are linked by SKU and can be created or updated in bulk by CSV or manually uploaded. dispatched, eliminating the need for manual entry.
SKU Based Listings
Automatically link your listings based on the SKU, so you can have your entire inventory listed in every location, maximising your opportunity to make a sale and avoiding overselling
Advanced Stock Management
ChannelGrabber offers bulk import/export, CSV updating, manual updating, advanced stock rules, stock history, product variations and more. All within one easy-to-use interface.
Comprehensive Integration
Connect with all of your websites, marketplaces couriers and other popular software systems and work from a single interface.


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