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Khaos Cloud Overview

Until now, ERP software has had to be painstakingly installed on desktop computers, permanently stuck at workplaces accessing databases hosted on onsite servers.

The ball and chain of ERP software, tied to a physical location, causes problems. It’s bad enough when a worker on a shop floor must access a terminal on the other side of a store to answer a customer’s stock query. It’s even worse for a field salesperson, who must call or email their head office every time they want to confirm a price, stock level or credit limit.

Becoming a Khaos Control Cloud user is an act of liberation.

From any device, anywhere, at any time, every single element of a business’ critical data can be accessed. The MD can review metrics, in real-time, just as quickly from the other side of the planet as from their office. Salespeople need only swipe their phone a few times to know in seconds what a phone call would accomplish in minutes, or even hours. Purchasing staff can reorder stock from their tablet at the very moment they see it’s run low.

Khaos Cloud Features

Multi-Channel Management

Whether it’s taking an order over the phone, at a show or exhibition, or keying in a traditional order that’s arrived through the post, you need to be able to process orders quickly and efficiently.

Khaos Control Cloud is designed to allow you to do just that, with sales order entry providing immediate access to:

  • View the latest stock levels across all of your sites,
  • View all current promotions and offers,
  • Customer history,
  • Addresses and contacts,
  • CRM data.

This ensures that you can enter and manage orders quickly and efficiently and that your customer enjoys an excellent and consistent experience, every time.

Stock Control 

  • Instantly receive and fulfil orders from your marketplace, channel, and website
  • No more spreadsheets, interventions and manual workarounds that slow you down and stifle growth
  • 24/7 access to critical business data and applications on any device 

Warehouse Management

Powerful filters and invoice rules allow you to prioritise your fulfilment.  How and why you do this will vary from business to business.  Whether you prioritise based on when your carriers collect, order value, type of customer, type of product, delivery service selected, to name but a few, we have you covered.

Courier Integration

Integrating your courier services is the final piece in the fulfilment jigsaw.  Why waste time and energy re-keying orders into courier software packages when Khaoscontrol can hook everything together for you?

Khaoscontrol integrates with MetaPack to ensure that you can seamlessly incorporate your carriers into your fulfilment process.  The added efficiency of one-click label printing is matched by completely removing re-keying errors.  Parcels going to the wrong part of the country thanks to a miskeyed postcode will be a thing of the past.

Back Order Stock Assignment

Khaoscontrol stock control software can help you manage and finesse your back orders, should a critical order need to take priority, or a supplier let you down.

Payment Processing

Sage Pay is our Preferred Payment Partner due to their:

  • Robust infrastructure
  • Secure, tokenised, solution
  • PCI-DSS Level 1 Compliance
  • Excellent Support
  • A competitive and straight-forward pricing structure

Enabling Sage Pay integration in your instance of Khaos Control Cloud will provide you with the ability to take and authorise card payments without having to worry about virtual terminals, PDQ machines and other workarounds.

CRM System

Using our online & cloud-based CRM system software, you and your team all have access to your customer management data and will be able to build up a comprehensive picture of their likes, dislikes and order history with you.

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