iZettle Review - Mobile Phone Credit Card Payments

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iZettle Review - Mobile Phone Credit Card Payments
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New Izettle Reader
New iZettle reader
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0203 481 6000

Payment Processing

Transaction Fees
  • 1.75% Per Month
Cards Accepted
  • American Express
  • Android Pay
  • Apple Pay
  • Diners Club
  • JCB
  • Mastercard
  • Samsung Pay
  • Visa
  • Visa Electron
  • VPay
Settlement Days
Digital Receipts
  • Email
  • Text
Mobile App
Staff Accounts
Card Reader Cost

New iZettle Card Reader Now Available

It's time to revisit the iZettle review and update you with the huge strides forward this Swedish manufacturer of mobile card reader devices is making.

iZettle is an easy way for small businesses and sole traders to get started accepting credit card payments. The new card reader replaces both old models.

iZettle Mobile Credit Card Payment System

Based in Stockholm, Sweden and with offices in London, Berlin, Madrid and Mexico, iZettle provides the technology you need to accept card payments on the go.

A smartphone App is connected to a credit card reader via the audio jack or Bluetooth, and the App works like a cash register. The application and card reader meet international security requirements and are EMV approved, (Europay, Mastercard, Visa) which is a standard for card payments.

Back in April 2016, Touchbistro announced that it had extended support to Europe for iZettle integration. TouchBistro offers iPad POS for restaurants in 37 different countries, and their aim is to enable restaurant staff to be able to deliver exceptional service. Using this service staff can split bills, manage orders, split seats and take payments all at the table.






New iZettle Card Reader

More recently iZettle acquired Intelligentpos a startup which turns iPads into sales terminals. This means the company can now target larger sized companies along with the small businesses that have been its staple growth over the past few years.

"With this acquisition, we move away from the typical owner-operated business to the bigger business where you have up to 10 or 15 employees. Moving up to small businesses is incredibly exciting,"

Jacob De Geer iZettle Chief Executive

Intelligentpos is an Edinburgh-based startup that uses technology to turn an iPad into a fully functional EPOS payment system at a fraction of the normal cost. The system is entirely cloud-based and another step forward in the move away from server-based eCommerce software.

This acquisition, 12 months in the making, will help to fend off competitors like Square who have been making inroads to European markets recently as the competition heats up in this marketplace. iZettle purchased intelligentpos with a mix of cash and equity and has absorbed employees, customers and technology with this move. iZettle is now valued at around $500 million.

iZettle Card Reader

The new iZettle card reader connects via cable to the audio socket of a smartphone, and it fits in your pocket, so it is easy to carry around with you. This is a useful tool for small business owners - think Mobile dog groomers, window cleaners, in fact, any small business where taking a card payment when you are out and about, and it makes sure that you get paid.

Fewer and fewer people carry cash these days and using a portable credit card reader to accept payments is going to be standard practice.

The new iZettle reader connects via Bluetooth and supports contactless payments and Apple Pay, so this would be useful for restaurant staff for example. There's no doing a runner from your table without paying using this device!

The software works with smartphones that use version 4.1.2 Android version or later and that means early Sony Xperia Z phones are supported as well as the Samsung Galaxy ST and HTC One. Check the website for a full list of supported phones.

There are no monthly fees or contracts.

App Features

  • Create product libraries (including images)
  • Take payments (cash or card via reader)
  • Transaction History
  • Create reports to track sales
  • Daily sales summaries
  • Customise receipts
  • SMS receipts including resend option (free of charge)
  • Email receipts including resend option
  • Separate staff accounts
  • Ability to export data via Excel
  • Automatic backups of all data stored with iZettle
  • Works with iOS 8.2+ and Android 4.1+

Taxi cab BundleiZettle Black Cab Bundle

The only taxi payment solution you need. Connects with a smartphone. Fully TfL approved.

This is included:

  • iZettle Card Reader Pro Contactless
  • Star SM-L200 Bluetooth receipt printer
  • Card reader mount for passenger compartment
  • Receipt printer mount for driver compartment

Complete package £299

Buy now − or pay as you go

Instead of an upfront purchase, you can choose to pay for your Black cab bundle with an increased transaction fee of 3.90% for your first 12 months with iZettle. If your bundle hasn’t been paid off during this time, we’ll send you an invoice with the remaining amount.

And if you have paid too much, we’ll give you back the surplus in cash.

Customer Support

E-mail support only I'm afraid which is the one drawback with the iZettle service however they do have an extensive knowledge base on the website so you'll probably be able to find the answer to any problem there and it does allow them to keep transaction costs down to a minimum. Support is offered from 9 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday.

Start Accepting Credit Card Payments Via Mobile Today!




iZettle Payments

November 27, 2018
The UK’s competition watchdog has raised concerns about the merger of US payments company PayPal and Swedish start-up iZettle, saying the tie-up could push up prices and reduce the range of services on offer to customers.
July 03, 2017
COPENHAGEN, Denmark — iZettle, the fast-growing Swedish payment terminal company, is signing 1,000 new businesses a day and seeing huge traction in the UK. CEO and founder Jacob de Geer told Business Insider at the Money2020 conference last week: "We see our strongest growth in the UK, it's our biggest market."
May 25, 2017
Intelligentpos by iZettle, the leading provider of EPOS to the hospitality and retail industry, today launches Order & Pay, a mobile app that lets customers pre-order and pay for products prior to collection.
May 23, 2017
iZettle is one of Europe’s fastest growing fintech companies – during the last four years, the revenue increased by over 30,000%. The company offers payment solutions and financial services to small businesses – iZettle’s card reader, which was launched in 2010, can be used with a regular smartphone or tablet.

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iZettle Review
iZettle is an easy way for small businesses and sole traders to get started accepting credit card payments. The new card reader replaces both old models. It's a shame they deem email only support to be sufficient.
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