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WorldPay has the most comprehensive set of credit card processing tools in the UK marketplace.

From its early beginnings in 1989 through to its modern day incarnation, WorldPay has been bought, sold and in turn, made its astute acquisitions to become one of the market leaders in credit card processing technology.

In 2002 NatWest Streamline and WorldPay combined although they continued to operate as separate brands. Streamline has now disappeared from the branding and the company currently runs purely as WorldPay. The key date in their timeline was 2010 when they were bought by independent financial investors and were able to start transforming the business without traditional banking constraints.

The list of financial companies bought out by WorldPay reads like a who's who of the financial Internet: Lynk, Payment Trust; Bibit; Cardsave; Envoy; Yespay; Century Payments; Cobre Bern Tecnologia and more recently Securenet LLC have all been swallowed up and merged to make WorldPay one of the most diverse and efficient companies in the credit card processing marketplace.

Counter-Top Credit Card Machines

Traditional counter-top card machines are the lifeblood of any conventional retailer, and WorldPay offers a solution with built-in Contactless technology so that you can reduce customer waiting times.

Contactless machines are fast becoming the standard method of payment and giving this option to your customers will provide you with an advantage in the marketplace.

Portable Credit Card Machine

For businesses that rely on serving the customer portable card machines are fast becoming a necessity. For restaurants, cafes and bars being able to process payments the minute the order is placed combats fraud and ensures you get paid. Portable card machines use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth technology depending on your network coverage.

You can connect multiple Wi-Fi card machines to one Wi-Fi network so numerous operators can take orders at the same time and they can process Contactless payments and Apple Pay.

Mobile Credit Card Machines

Forget promises to pay, if you are a tradesman or delivery driver now you can take payments at the doorstep of your customer using mobile technology to process credit card payments on the go.

Mobile Credit Card machines are fast, secure and straightforward to set up. You don't need a mobile phone as the reader has an inbuilt mobile technology to connect. Ideal for companies that employ travelling tradespeople.

Payment Using A Mobile Phone

Take credit card payments anywhere in the UK using your mobile phone connected to a WorldPay Zinc Chip and Pin keypad and an App. You can pay as you go so there no monthly fees or contracts and pricing plans are competitive starting from 1.95% to 2.75%

Whatever industry you are in now you don\'t have to rely on customers carrying cash with them. Hairdressers, beauticians, builders, electricians and even freelancers can benefit from instant card payments.

Issue receipts through email, SMS or a Bluetooth printer.

Mobile Credit Card Reader Comparison Chart

Online Payment Gateway

As well as taking traditional credit card payments through a chip and pin reader or using Zinc mobile credit card processing technology, WorldPay can also provide your payment gateway services.

One of the significant benefits of using WorldPay is that you can set up recurring transactions and subscription-based payment plans and you can also process PayPal payments through this gateway.

A business management tool enables you to track and manage your transactions.

WorldPay payment gateway is supported by ShopifyBigCommerce and 3dCart so if you are building a new e-commerce site, then this is an excellent choice with payment integrations already developed.

Payment Gateways Compared

Virtual Terminal

Start taking credit card payments over the phone securely using WorldPay\'s Virtual Terminal for MOTO (mail order, telephone order) payments. A Virtual Terminal is an excellent option if you need to process payments via email order and keep your store card machine free.

Online Merchant Account

The significant benefit of choosing WorldPay to do your credit card processing is that if you use several different methods of collecting payment, for example, mobile credit card processing and an e-commerce website then all your payments get routed to a single merchant account.

Customer Support

Next day terminal replacement and 24/7/365 UK customer services mean you won\'t be without a means to process payments for very long. WorldPay serves over 300,000 UK businesses.


WorldPay offers the most comprehensive range of credit card processing tools available in the marketplace. If you want a simple hosted page to take irregular payments or to integrate with an e-commerce website platform like Shopify, then there is a solution for you.

Being able to manage one Merchant Account and process payments in so many different ways make WorldPay your one-stop solution for credit card processing, and they come highly recommended.

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Worldpay News

June 21, 2017
Worldpay, the UK's leading payment processor, has announced the launch of the first ever extended-trial of a software only card payment mPOS (mobile point of sale). My Business Mobile will allow businesses to download an app and accept face-to-face contactless card transactions on their smartphone without the need for any additional payments hardware. The app will also accept payments via Apple Pay and Android Pay. Although some mobile device payment solutions do exist that allow card payments, they still need a piece of hardware to make the payment - usually for the shopper to enter their PIN.