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Jira Overview

Jira is cloud-based project management software designed to enable software development teams to manage and track the progress of their Agile projects. Jira could also be used for many other projects where management of many tasks against a time scale is important, for example, you could also use this software to plan a wedding, a new house build or a large office move.

Primarily Jira is designed to coordinate Agile software teams so if you are looking for something simple to manage your content production schedule or manage book chapters for your next bestseller then you'd probably want to look at Trello which is a lot simpler to use.

For those of you building an eCommerce website who need to start pulling together software development teams though, Jira is probably what you need and is an industry recognised standard in the project management marketplace used by companies like eBay, LinkedIn and Spotify as well as thousands of large corporates.

Subscription to the software is paid on a monthly basis per user and starts at $10 for up to ten users reducing to $7 for eleven to a hundred users so if you are growing a big team and they all need access then this can become a substantial overhead so managing access is going to be a job for your IT team to keep costs under control.

Jira Board

How Does Jira Work?

The critical feature of Jira is that as you work and add more "stories" to the Jira Board, it can be configured to represent the way you work. Every company has different ways of doing things, and you can customise Jira to suit your workflow so that your team becomes more efficient, whether you are using Scrum, Kanban or your unique mixture of Agile methodology. 

The central dashboard gives you an "at a glance" overview of the entire project through every phase and a "burn down" chart will show you whether or not you are on target to hit your milestones.

Version Management

Track versions, features, and progress at a glance. Click on a version to see a complete status, including the issues, development data, and potential problems

Backlog Grooming

Easily re-prioritise your user stories and bugs. Select one or more items, then drag and drop to reorder them in your backlog. Create quick filters to surface issues with essential attributes.

Sprint Planning

Make your backlog the centre of your sprint planning meeting. Estimate stories, adjust sprint scope, check velocity, and re-prioritise issues in real-time with the rest of the team.

Story Points

Estimate, track and report on story points to help your team become more accurate in future sprints. Use story points, ideal hours, or your method of estimating.

Scrum Board

Scrum boards are used to visualise all the work in a given sprint. Jira Software's scrum boards can be customised to fit your team's unique workflow. You can also quickly add things like swimlanes to separate epics, assignees, projects, and more. At the end of the sprint, get a quick snapshot of all the issues that were completed, and any unfinished issues will automatically move into the backlog to be addressed in the next sprint planning meeting. 


For new startups needing to manage their software development, workflows and integrate teams, Jira is a great choice of project management software.

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