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Trello is simple to use where Jira is as complicated as you want to go. I've used Trello for over a year now to manage my content publishing schedule, and it does a great job. If you are looking for a quick and easy way to organise a simple project and make it available to specific users (for example content contributors), then Trello is a great tool.

Trello is a lightweight project management tool designed as a Kanban board so that it is effortless to have a visual representation of all the components that make up your project.

Whereas Jira is designed for software design teams, Trello is made to make managing a more straightforward project like a wedding, holiday trip or even day to day chores a breeze. Simply create columns that represent the progress of the project and drag and drop your cards into place as you work on them. You can think of Trello cards as digital sticky notes that are searchable, shareable and have due dates that you can edit.

Here is a great sample “Agile Board” you can add to your Trello account.

trello agile


Cards in Trello can have a lot of detail on them. In addition to holding a task and the name of the assignee, a card can have a list of subtasks, due date, a detailed description, hyperlinks and attachments. When you've finished a task, or you want to remove all the jobs you've moved into the “done” column you can archive them.

Here's how I use it for content management here on

trello board

One thing that I've been recently thinking about is trying to measure my effectiveness at content production because this is a critical factor in all aspects of website management, from SEO to user engagement, so I've been considering moving to Jira to get a better perspective on that. Trello has nothing in the way of burndown charts or tools for estimating best and worst case scenarios for the length of time it is going to take to complete a project, you just input a due date, and it gets highlighted in red when overdue.

Sometimes though, you can be creating work for the sake of it and better and more advanced project management software isn't always the answer. but being more productive is.

The free account is more than adequate for my needs, and I'd imagine that to be the case for most individuals. You can create as many boards (projects) lists and cards as you want and also attach files up to 10MB in size, so there is plenty to work with here.

Trello is available as an Android App, and this is perfect for adding new ideas when you are out on the dog walk or creating new thoughts after you've made a voice note. I enter them into the left-hand column and then move them across when I do the next months content planning.

Trello is flexible, visual and easy to use and the simple alternative to Jira. You can use Trello for pretty much anything for which you would make lists.

Check out this Board of Templates (event planning, freelance and consulting, publishing, recruiting, and software development) that you can copy to your own Trello Board.

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