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Cart2Cart eCommerce Migration Overview

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons people fail to get started as quickly as they could with their eCommerce project is their failure to decisively choose an online website builder solution. There are so many products in the marketplace that deciding between all the features quickly becomes confusing and leads to "analysis paralysis" or procrastination. Put simply you can't decide which platform to go with because of the fear of choosing the wrong one!

I've been there. I've spent an eternity staring at a wall of broadband routers in PC World checking out the features of each one before walking out without buying anything. It's human nature!

When it comes to choosing an eCommerce website builder though, my reviews should help you out and point you in the right direction. However, if you still feel like you may be making a mistake have no fear because it's not going to be terminal. Moving from one shopping cart to another is not the expensive business it used to be, and Cart2Cart makes the job of migrating from one solution to another as painless as it can be.

Similarly, if you've outgrown your existing eCommerce software and needed more features, or another solution has developed more rapidly, using this tool you can migrate to a new shopping cart solution and save hundreds of hours of manual labour.

For all you people using Magento who want to migrate to a cloud-based eCommerce solution then this is the tool to use.

How It Works

Cart2Cart is an automated shopping cart migration service that currently supports 70+ shopping carts, so it's likely yours will be supported. If you have a massive store with hundreds of thousands of products and customers, then they offer "assisted" migrations to help you get all of your data across to the new format.

Cart2Cart Supported Shopping Carts

Cart2Cart works by specifying a schema for your new database (it knows the format to put it in) and then pulling out all the information from your existing database and placing it all in the right tables in the new one. It's not perfect in all cases, and things can go wrong especially if you have modified the tables on your existing setup.

Fortunately, Cart2Cart have been established long enough now that they've seen most problems that can arise so of you are migrating from one popular cart to another, for example, Magento to Shopify then you are going to be unlikely to encounter any problems.

Choosing which eCommerce services to migrate from and to.

If you are planning to do the migration yourself, then there is a wizard that will walk you through setting everything up and migrating everything for you. For smaller imports/exports this is the ideal solution and cost effective. For larger migrations, I'd recommend paying for an assisted service unless you are confident enough in your MYSQL skills to do it yourself.

Cart2Cart is a one time service, so to make sure you get all your data migrated perfectly you can purchase an "insurance plan" which will allow you to start all over again if something goes pear shaped. This starts at 10% of the original purchase price and is good value. This service will empty your target database before doing the migration so make sure you have a backup copy of any work you've started on your new store before doing a migration.

There are several reasons why you might want to try migrating data in different formats. One possibility is that you have HTML embedded in your product descriptions and your new store doesn't allow for that so you might want to strip it out. You may want to preserve the image folder structure, and there is an option to "preserve product image URL's" so you can manually move the picture folders after the data migration. Some carts can retain the SEO URL's, and some don't have so a bit of trial and error may be necessary until you get the correct result.

Migration Preview Service

This is a great option if you are undecided which shopping cart you are going to move to. For example, let's say you've had enough of paying the regular support charges for Magento and you've decided that Zoey eCommerce or Lemonstand might be the cloud-based store you want to migrate to. With the preview service, you can do a demo data preview to see how your store is going to look without actually doing a full migration. This way you can get a feel for how your store is going to look on an entirely different platform before you commit to the move.

Cart2Cart Summary

Cart2Cart was launched in 2009 by MagenticOne, an experienced eCommerce company with offices in San Diego and Ukraine. They have over 30,000 successful migrations under their belt, and the service is very reasonably priced. Trying to manually move a large eCommerce store could easily take you days or even weeks to do. With this tool, you'll be able to get the job done in hours and at a price that won't break the bank.

Moving away from a server based hosting and resource intensive shopping cart to a cloud-based solution is now easier than ever using this migration tool.

Migrate Your E-commerce Store From $69

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Cart2Cart Review
(Updated: May 16, 2017)
When you've built your site in Magento and slowly come to the horiible realisation that its just a money pit eating up all your profits what can you do about it?

Cart2Cart will migrate all your data across to a new platform with ease and if you have a large amount of data they have assisted plans to help you make sure the migration goes smoothly.

This tool has got better with time and it's one of those that the more migrations are performed the better the tool gets as more kinks are ironed out and database creation tables improved.

If you have a large store and you want to move from one eCommerce platform to another this tool will save you hundreds of pounds in development and makes the project viable where previously you would have had to start again.

Highly recommended.

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