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Website Building Tools TC Tony Cooper September 03, 2016
Cart2Cart Review
(Updated: May 16, 2017)
When you've built your site in Magento and slowly come to the horiible realisation that its just a money pit eating up all your profits what can you do about it?

Cart2Cart will migrate all your data across to a new platform with ease and if you have a large amount of data they have assisted plans to help you make sure the migration goes smoothly.

This tool has got better with time and it's one of those that the more migrations are performed the better the tool gets as more kinks are ironed out and database creation tables improved.

If you have a large store and you want to move from one eCommerce platform to another this tool will save you hundreds of pounds in development and makes the project viable where previously you would have had to start again.

Highly recommended.

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