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Can an online logo maker, driven by artificial intelligence, design a better logo than my best designer on the team?

Everyone wants a beautiful shiny logo for their fledgeling new eCommerce site, and there are many different ways of getting it. You can take the cheapskate route and ask for a design on Fiverr.com, or if you want to pay a bit more, you could take a look at some of the great designers on Design Crowd.

There are plenty of brilliant graphic designers on Peopleperhour, or you could seek out a reputable digital agency if you have £200 or more to spend and of course if you want something extraordinary for just £49 I hear there's a great deal going down here for custom logo design.

But what if you don't want to leave the creation of your baby in the hands of someone you've never met before and who probably doesn't understand your intended business market?

Well, I can tell you that most experienced graphic designers are pretty much on the money when it comes to presenting a new design and even if you hate it most will offer unlimited revisions until you get what you want. It's the vision and insight you are paying for, and that's why the worst possible thing you can do is to try and design a logo yourself. Even though you think you can find your way around Photoshop and “how hard can it be?” there's a reason people make a living out of being digitally creative.

Online Logo Maker Software

So after exhausting all the above ideas, what if you have a few hours to kill on a Sunday afternoon and want to have a go with an online logo design maker? Most of these are nothing more than templated driven ghastliness, and the free versions always sneak up on you and ask you to pay if you want to download the logo and use it in anger.

But I've come across a few good ones in my time, can Logojoy produce anything near as good as my best designer on the team here at Storebuilder?

What Is Logojoy?

Logojoy is an online logo generator that uses advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning language technology to create amazing looking logos. Rather than merely offering up some templates from which to choose, Logojoy fuses together your design from its enormous database of fonts, icons and graphics and as more people use it the better and more accomplished the software gets at producing a professional logo design.

Putting all these different design elements together is a bit like an online smorgasbord of graphic design. You determine all the ingredients that you'd like to go into your logo recipe, and then the software compiles the finished item. Creatively or graphically challenged persons will still produce a monstrosity based on the garbage in garbage out principle, but anyone who possesses an ounce of creativity should be able to create something that doesn't look like it fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down.

I'd imagine that this service would be excellent for anyone that wants to brand their product or people that want to create several stand-alone product sites. You can play with all the different settings without having to know how Photoshop works.

So, let's put it to the test and see if how it performs:

Logojoy Step By Step

Logojoy online logo maker

We are off to a good start. No registration needed, no need to sign up with Facebook before we've even had a peek or give up your email address. Simply type in your business name and we're off to the races.

The first job to do is to pick five logos that you like the design of. I'm guessing that it's going to best to choose designs that all have similar characteristics to avoid producing something that looks like it was made by committee.

Choose similar logo designs

Next, choose your colour scheme by choosing up to three colours you like. It's not clear how these colours are going to be used, whether they are going to be combined or used as single colour designs, but that's something we can return to after the dry run.

Choose your colour palettes

Next up we need to add a slogan. I wanted to add "Your Guide To Healthy Fast Weight Loss" but was advised that this was too long so I settled for "Fast Weight Loss"

logojoy 4

 The next task is to pick up to 5 symbols that will represent our business:

logojoy 5

All done! Let's see the results!

logojoy results

Now at this point, it's fair to say I was underwhelmed with the result but there was a very nice surprise waiting for me!

Firstly you can now delete and replace the icons you chose so that you can refine down by category and also you can remove any colours you don't like. Once you've got those basics sorted out now you can choose layout variations and this is very nice indeed!

logojoy 7

One of the common logo design problems is creating a horizontal logo that will play nicely on mobile devices and with Logojoy you can create several variations on your theme to suit the platform it is going to be used on.

logojoy 8

logojoy 9

LogoJoy Summary

I'm pretty sure that I only scratched the surface of what can be achieved using Logojoy and the result I achieved in little under 30 minutes was pretty good as you can see.

It's not as good as getting your logo professionally designed though because the icon part of the construction means that there will always be an element of simplicity to the finished design.

However, sometimes simple is best and it's easy for designers to over-egg the pudding and produce something far more detailed than is required.

I would say this is the best online logo designer that I've seen so far. Trying to blend ease of use so that anyone can make a great looking logo whilst at the same time making sure there are advanced features like the ability to enter a hex code for colours - that all takes some doing.

And the price? Well, the good news for UK users is that it's priced in dollars so it's going to cost you £45 for the premium package which is good value for money. particularly as you can make changes and redownload at a later date if you decide to make a change. There is no limit to the number of times you can restart the logo generation process so you could potentially spend countless hours creating your logo. is that a good thing or not!

There is a Social Media kit add-on which costs $9 and will give you 40+ perfectly sized versions of your logo for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Etsy, Pinterest, favicon, watermark, wallpaper, and more. But why take the shine off? This is a great product and there's no need to nickel and dime with the extras.

logojoy 10

I still don't think you can beat the services of a Photoshop Pro but the $65 cost of this product makes it a valid option for anyone wanting to produce a great logo on a budget.

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