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Copy The Top eCommerce Drop Shipping Site In Your Niche, Then Make Yours Better

Copy The Top eCommerce Drop Shipping Site In Your Niche, Then Make Yours Better

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03 October, 2017

There's a great group on Facebook called “Shopify Entrepreneurs”. If you haven't seen it yet then it's must-read material for anyone beginning to build an eCommerce store, regardless of the software you are using to build it. Once you've hung out there for a while you'll notice a recurring theme; people expect money to fall into their laps like the leaves on an autumn breeze.

It's not enough to add a theme, drop in a few products and then start hoping the cash register starts singing. Instead of people working hard for their money, they are falling for the whole “I built a six-figure eCommerce business in three months” Facebook advert, hook line and sinker.

We learned about honesty and integrity - that the truth matters... that you don't take shortcuts or play by your own set of rules... and success doesn't count unless you earn it fair and square.

Michelle Obama

There is no substitute for putting in the hours and the hard work. There are no shortcuts, only doing things correctly and most of the time that means learning from your mistakes. Building an eCommerce business takes patience and time as any other business. Give it a bare minimum two years to breathe and to begin attracting traffic. No site ever died from an abundance of traffic, or at least those that did couldn't afford the hosting charges.

Content Creation Requires Time 

The current emphasis on researching eCommerce trends, finding a niche product and launching your site into a non-competitive market is great advice. But good luck with finding those markets. Everyone is looking for the same thing, a market that isn't saturated with people trying to flog their products on Amazon, eBay and any other platform that will support a Shopify “Add To Cart” button.

eCommerce website builders make the job of bringing products to market on the internet so much easier than old school server-based software. They are quicker, nimbler; much easier to set up and that is their attraction. But the advantage gained is quickly being eroded by the number of people trying to squeeze into an already crowded marketplace. The half-baked Shopify sites that consist of one page and a couple of links are frighteningly bad. They will never inspire consumer confidence and make a sale even if you paid the two years subscription fee up front.

If You Need Cash Fast - Freelancing Should be Your Gig

Like a youngster buying his first car and finding the insurance and running costs four times as much as the original outlay, building an eCommerce store is simply the entry price to market. It is the cost of building up those all-important reviews and gaining consumer trust that is the real barrier to entry.

And to get those reviews and build that trust? You'll need traffic. Traffic is built over time from blogging and building links. You can see why I'm not convinced three months is in any way shape or form a viable project length. No, that's not it at all. If you need cash fast then freelancing should be your gig.

To be successful, you must set lofty goals. Aiming low means you'll be just another eCommerce website in the Google graveyard. Aim high, and with a following wind, you might just make something that people will like. Use the top site in your niche as a blueprint and then improve on it. That should be the goal.

Not to do the bare minimum and offer up a Hail Mary.

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