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Shopify Launches New Theme Editor And Mobile App

Shopify Launches New Theme Editor And Mobile App

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Shopify launches New Theme Editor


30 June, 2017
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If you've been using a Shopify template that doesn't have sections (that means nearly everyone), then the new Shopify theme editor is a good reason to move to one that does.

Shopify has launched their new editor but only one of their templates (Debut) support sections at the moment and this is a feature that is going to be added to their templates over time.

You can be sure that new templates that support the new “section” feature will be added quickly though so keep your eye out for a suitable theme in the store and upgrade your site as soon as possible.

Using sections, you can add, reorder and remove content on your eCommerce store's homepage as well as quickly customise the store's design and content in an easy to use the visual editor. You can still use the new editor on templates that don't have sections, but you'll be missing some key time-saving features.

Introducing Shopify "Sections."

Sections for Shopify are a bit like the old “Template Area” that we used to use in Dreamweaver where you can mark an area that can be updated on the home page to make development quicker and easier. For example, headers and footers can't be moved around the page, but you can still customise the section that goes in it. Think of “sections” as containers to put your content in.

Using sections, you can pick and choose the type of content you want to feature on the home page. This powerful feature marks a stage in the development of Shopify where it starts to integrate more CMS features into its core toolset and become a much more robust eCommerce website builder solution.

Sections can contain denoted content types. For example text, images, products or videos. This gives you much more control over how you add content to your Shopify store.

The theme editor has now been moved to the left-hand side of the page. Users of existing templates that don't support sections don't need to worry though – everything will work exactly as it did before.

Keep an eye out for new theme releases that support sections and upgrade as soon as you can.

Shopify Launches New Mobile App

Continuing their breakneck development pace, Shopify has also recently updated their Mobile App which is available for iPhone, Android and iPad in the Google Play store.

Shopify claims that you can run every aspect of your store using the new App which means store owners can ditch the computer. That's a pretty big claim, so it will be interesting to see what seasoned Shopify users have to say about it.

When you open the App, you'll be presented with a screen that gives you a real-time overview of how your store is performing including your total sales and number of visitors for the day, week or month. You'll also get some recommended insights and notifications, so this is a bit like having Google Analytics for Shopify on your mobile.

Shopify says that you'll be able to fulfil orders, update products and publish them all from your mobile phone. Is this the moment when store owners can now go and relax on the beach with a Pina Colada while the sales roll in?

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