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Name Your Business! 8 Tools To Help You Find Your Perfect Business Name

Name Your Business! 8 Tools To Help You Find Your Perfect Business Name

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Find your perfect business name


11 February, 2018

Once you've come up with your product idea you'll need to give your new eCommerce business a name. This can be challenging if you are going into a competitive market but thankfully there are many tools available to give you an assist with finding good ones.

Always try and use a combination of real English words as it makes it easier for people to remember the name. Generally, weird names have large marketing budgets behind them. In addition, unless you plan to build a site with specific products in mind it is a bad idea to use exact match domain names as they can leave you with little room for expansion in the future.

As Well As The Tools Listed Below I've Also Written A Comprehensive Guide To Finding Your Perfect Domain Name.

Join me on a journey to find the perfect name for my first dropshipping toy store:


Now simply type in the first word of your product or idea and Business name generator will do the hard work of finding available domain names.

Business name generator


Business Name Generator (V2)

Quite ironic that a business name generator resides on this domain name. Nevertheless, if you are really struggling for ideas this name generator tool will come up with some made up words for you:

Business name generator

Shopify Business Name Generator

The Shopify business name generator tool will list all the available domains it finds in its database matching your word query. It's really very good.

Shopify name generator


This is a great tool for new start-ups. Enter multiple keywords and Namemesh will generate names based on the parameters you present.



Wordoid will combine various words together either beginning with, containing or ending with your key word phrase. it will also manage to do it in five different languages. The result is made up names that sound like English words.


Dot O Mator

It's a nice idea but it seems to fall somewhere short in the execution. Perhaps because it relies on you inputting a stream of words to generate the names.



 Namestation is one of the most powerful domain name finders that I've ever come across. You'll need to login to enable the domain name instant check to see if the names are actually available but this is definitely worth it.



Here is where my search for a name ended. LeanDomainSearch has the most comprehensive database of available names and I settled on mine here. 


Bonus Tip - NameChk

Once you've found your business name or ideal domain name, run it through Namechk which will quickly show you all the available social handles that match your name.

In the example below, you can see that most of the real estate for this domain name has disappeared so it shows what a hard time I had to find something suitable for this project.

Namechk is beautifully executed and a brilliant tool for finding everything that is available for your next project.


Good luck finding your next business name and I hope one of these tools helps you out!

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