How Much Does A Wix Website Cost To Build?

Updated: Nov 17

First of all, before we get into specifics, read my Wix Review to determine whether Wix is the website builder you want to use for your next project. Also, you might like to read my last blog, "should you hire a website designer," which will give you some ideas for the overall budget involved in building any kind of website.

You need to consider two costs when building a website - the cost of the platform (in this case, Wix) and the cost of designing it. The first charge is unavoidable because that is the price you pay for using the Wix platform. The second cost depends on how much of the work you intend to do yourself.

You have to have a Wix premium plan for business use as the free plans come with obstructive and annoying advertising that looks ridiculous. However, you might consider a free plan if all you want to do is learn the essential functions of how Wix works.

There are a total of seven Wix pricing plans split into two categories depending on what kind of site you want to build. The categories are "Website Plans" and "Business & eCommerce Plans. The website plans have everything you need to create a professional website, whilst the business plans add eCommerce functionality, integrating nicely with a payment provider like stripe.

Here Are The Wix Website Hosting Costs:

While you can pay monthly for a Wix plan, paying annually is the cheapest method and a significant saving. In addition, there are regular 50% off offers to take advantage of on a yearly plan. Wix will give you credit for any existing plan pro-rata if you decide to upgrade.

For those who want to create a regular website, beginning with the Combo plan is the best solution. For those wishing to create an eCommerce or booking website, then Business Basic is the best choice.

Wix Website Plans

Wix eCommerce Plans

A note on email accounts.

The best way to set up email accounts so that you pay the minimum amount for mailboxes is to register your domain name with a provider like Godaddy or 123reg and then configure the DNS so that your MX records point to your regular hosting plan. If you don't have a hosting provider already, setting up Google Workspace is the next best option, and a Wix setup wizard will guide you through the steps required.

Wix Ascend

Your website is nothing without marketing, and Wix Ascend will introduce you to the world of online marketing. Wix Ascend is a Wix add on that provides additional marketing tools to the standard subscription plan. You get a free plan, but this has limited access, and Wix branding is everywhere.

The additional tools include More forms, email marketing, webchat, automation (sending automatic thank you emails, for example), social posts and a unique branded campaign URL for your email campaigns.

If you think this is nickel and diming from Wix, then consider that providing one of these services from an external provider will more than likely be as much if not more than Ascend. You then have to worry about the small matter of integration.

Putting The Wix Costs Together:

A small growing business needing a website presence will need a Wix Combo plan at £6.50 per month. An added option is Wix Ascend which will cost another £6.95 per month, giving £13.45 per month.

If you pay yearly AND take advantage of the 50% offer, you can get the Wix unlimited package for £57 and Wix Professional Ascend for £100.08, giving £157.08 or the equivalent of £13.09 per month, which is excellent value.

A small growing business needing eCommerce functionality will need Business Essential at £13 per month and Wix Ascend at £6.95 per month, giving a total of £19.95 per month. (£239.40 per annum).

Again, suppose you pay yearly AND take advantage of the 50% offer. In that case, you can get the Wix Business Unlimited package for £102 and Wix Professional Ascend for £100.08, giving £202.08 (£16.84 per month), thereby upgrading your plans and getting a cheaper rate into the bargain.

Whichever plan you choose, know that this will be your minimum outlay, and as I discuss in my last blog, you will have additional costs depending on how much work you do yourself or farm out to a professional designer or digital design agency.

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