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The world of online website building is changing fast. Once clunky and awkward to use now cloud-based eCommerce builders are super easy, intuitive and have loads of great features that you wouldn't get with a standard Content Management System (CMS). Shopify has recently started experimenting with Artificial Intelligence - chatbots and helpdesk systems as well as virtual assistants to do some of the menial work for you. Stripe is fast developing easier payment systems that integrate with every type of application. Accounting software, CRM software and SEO tools - all are making a move to being cloud-based software as a service (Saas).

There are specialist website builders springing up in the fields of tuition and learning, and soon the young guitar teacher or Michelin chef will be able to build their own website to showcase their skills. With ease.

The share prices of publicly traded companies like Shopify and Wix keep rising month on month and for a good reason - they take away all the hard coding and replace it with unprecedented ease of use.

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eCommerce Delivery Options For Your eCommerce Store
Updated February 02, 2019
Is Offering Free Delivery The Holy Grail Of eCommerce Conversion? Which Delivery Options Are Optimal And What Should You Offer? The problem with delivery or shipping is that someone always has to pay. There is no such thing as free delivery, just as there is no free lunch. Your boss might take you out for dinner, or you might have "free pizza Fridays", but ultimately you'll pay for that in extra time donated to the front line effort. Buying loyalty with a free lunch is a battle-tested tactic! Your customer...
UK Receipt Printer Guide
Updated January 21, 2019
Guide To POS (Point Of Sale) Receipt Printers Why Should You Provide A Receipt? There is no law in the UK that says a seller of goods or services must provide a receipt to the customer. The relevant Government legislation is the Consumer Rights Act (October 2015). Primarily this act deals with rights to return faulty goods for refund, replacement or repair and includes rights on the purchase of digital content. It adds to the unfair terms in consumer contracts regulations 1999, unfair contract terms act 1977, sale of goods...
Cloud-based Enterprise eCommerce Platforms
Updated January 22, 2019
Where is the line drawn between being an eCommerce retailer or an enterprise eCommerce retailer? What is “enterprise level software” and should you be using it? A crude benchmark might be that if you are achieving over £250,000 in retail sales per year, then you could be considered an enterprise-level retailer. If you were starting a new eCommerce project and you already had that level of retail business (from brick and mortar stores) then you would go for an enterprise solution from the beginning. Another benchmark and probably a more accurate guide is...
Shopify v EKM
Updated September 16, 2018


0333 004 0333
EKM has over 50,000+ users in the UK and recently moved into new £3.5m offices to help fuel its meteoric growth. The headquarters have been custom-built and include a raft of state-of-the-art office technology, an expansive kitchen, rest-and-relaxation area, training and presentation auditorium - and a soon to be infamous slide reaching three stories. Here's why I think you should choose EKM over Shopify for your next eCommerce website: Read My Full EKM Review
Shopify v Shopwired
Updated June 18, 2018


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Shopify has been on a massive growth spurt for the past few years and is making inroads into the UK eCommerce market, but for UK users is it the best choice? There are some fundamental reasons why UK users should choose Shopwired rather than Shopify to build their online business:
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