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Shopify Adds “CHLOE” Artificial Intelligence Chatbot

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Shopify adds artificial chatbot "Chloe"


29 June, 2017
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Online website builder Shopify continues to steal a march on its competition by integrating new technology and leaving the rest to play catch up.

This is one of the primary reasons behind the Canadian company's phenomenal success and this time they are integrating “Chloe”, an artificial intelligence platform produced by

Chloe is an artificial intelligence system that automates customer service and sales routines by using Policy Graphs, NLP (Natural Language Processing) and Machine Learning to answer repetitive questions.

By building up a library of stock answers to these questions a chatbot can direct users to the correct destination or give them essential pre-purchase information.

The press release says that Company employees can use Chloe to provide the best customer service. By predicting appropriate answers and suggesting replies that would otherwise require research, agents are able to resolve cases faster. Chloe automatically identifies policies and actions to guide her behaviour from the initial training set and can learn from new experiences that will enable her to become smarter over time.

It's not just Shopify that is taking up the challenge. Zendesk already uses the technology and Magento and Wordpress are also in the works so expect a flurry of activity in this field as other eCommerce providers provide integration tools.

Automated assistants are learning how to help, and they are doing it quickly. Along with Kit Favours, Shopify now has several virtual helpers to assist the business owner, but the next problem is going to be making sure they do their jobs properly.

Recently I've come across several websites offering “live chat” that reply to your questions in stilted canned response mode. It's clear that they are bots and by the time you get to the “send an enquiry” stage you've pretty much given up on the site. Technology that doesn't work is worse than none at all.

Here's what you can expect from the new App:

  • Voice powered interface that enables users to talk to system
  • Allowing visitor access to your products/services while on the go
  • Answering questions in natural language about specific products/services such as “Where can I find your latest catalogues?” or “What’s your nearest store location?”
  • Providing website navigation and voice commands to purchase products
  • Placing orders via voice without clicking on a bunch of buttons on small mobile screen
  • Enabling voice and text commands to check account/order status
  • Answering frequently asked questions

Have you used Chloe? Let us know how you got on in the comments.

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