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EZPZ Hosting Review - Website Hosting Services


EZPZ Hosting Review - Website Hosting Services

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EZPZ - Reliable, Low-Cost Website Hosting

Finding a reliable web hosting solution that is well supported isn't easy. I've been through my fair share of cheap reseller packages and the lack of support when something goes wrong is incredibly frustrating.

From my experience, there are two UK Web hosting providers that I would unequivocally recommend along with Bluehost Web Hosting for USA based consumers.

That's not to say there are many other equally deserving contenders, but it would be a never ending job to try and keep track of them all.

With the introduction of Cloudflare technology these days it doesn't matter so much where your server is based because your site can be served up from a CDN (Content Distribution Network) near you.

The first name on my list is Rackspace Hosting. I was with these guys for some years, and their support and service is second to none. However, it also comes at a premium price, and I started looking around for something that was equally as good with a less expensive price tag.

You get what you pay for.

Website hosting has always been and always will be about the cheapest cost. Until something goes wrong. That's when you find out your insurance premium isn't covering you for your losses. When your site gets hacked, or an upgrade to PHP breaks everything you need experienced hands to guide you.

And that is another entirely good reason to go for an online website builder that has hosting incorporated as part of the package. Forget the hassles of marrying your hosting server with a CDN like Cloudflare. It's all done for you, and you get the security and speed into the bargain.

In the case of Rackspace back in 2004, I managed to bend one of their servers by executing a Linux command that a programmer had shown me was a shortcut to setting file permissions. It destroyed the server, but as you can imagine to my relief, they managed to have it back up and running within an hour.

Lesson learned – a little knowledge can be a very dangerous thing when you have root access and total control over the server.

Rackspace has educated and well trained Linux engineers who know their stuff – that's why you pay a premium for their service. It doesn't matter if the CMS you are trying to run is the culprit – their engineers will try and diagnose the problem for you. Nothing is too much trouble for them.

After some research, I came across EZPZ Hosting, and I made the decision to move to their hosting services. It was roughly half the monthly cost of Rackspace, so I was making a significant saving, and on the 27/05/2010 I moved to EZPZ Hosting.

EZPZ Hosting Support

EZPZ Hosting Support

In six years we've had one major incident where a server had to be restored from backup, and I lost some data. After that episode, EZPZ gave me a free WHCM easy backup license and storage space so that my backups are created nightly using a CRON job.

Never rely on a hosting provider to backup your sites. They should obviously be the first port of call if you need something restoring, but you should always have your own backups if you are running a CMS on your shared or VPS hosting space. If the hosting provider did suddenly disappear overnight, they would take your business down with them.

Since then there has never been another problem. Yes I've had my fair share of “My site is slow” support tickets but these days whenever I run Google Page Insights to test my site speed I'm always satisfied with the performance.

In six years I've opened 119 support tickets the majority of which have been PHP version enquiries, getting PHP extensions like bc math installed (you can now do this from within cPanel) and the regular housekeeping you would expect with running three or four Joomla sites.

Support tickets are answered in English and quickly to boot. If you've ever struggled with Pidgin English support, then you'll appreciate this factor. Why the likes of Virgin Media still insist on farming out their support is beyond me, but that's a whole other story.

Services And Pricing

EZPZ offer a full spectrum of Shared, VPS and Dedicated server hosting, daily backups, Litespeed, CloudLinux, SSD's and Spam Experts protection.

EZPZ Hosting Shared Pricing

EZPZ Dedicated Hosting Prices

EZPZ Hosting Summary

EZPZ Hosting has gone from strength to strength since they began in 2007 and they offer a range of servers to suit every hosting need be it personal or business use. The dedicated server prices are extremely competitive, and they keep abreast of the changing technology so that you always have the latest tools at your disposal. Support tickets are updated promptly, and overall I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them.

EZPZ Hosting - 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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EZPZ Hosting Review
(Updated: May 16, 2017)
This is exactly what you want from a hosting company. An excellent service and support to match.

I've been with this company for four years and whilst it hasn't been entirely problem free, compared to some of my previous experiences this company is doing it right.

You can't start a hosting business from a back bedroom and scale it into a world class hosting company without experiencing some problems along the way.

Reasonably priced, with good options, I have no hesitation in recommending them.

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