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Over 1000 websites have used Storebuilder custom graphic design and SEO services to get their eCommerce website off to the best possible start!

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It doesn't matter whether you are using Shopify, EKM, Shopwired, Bluepark or any one of many fantastic eCommerce website builders.

The eCommerce platform you use is just the start. It's what YOU contribute that makes the difference.

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I fire live rounds when everyone else is scratching around for content and using blanks. I give you an eCommerce website marketing plan that will dominate your marketplace and crush the competition in your industry for free when you use any of our SEO services.

Making the decision to start your business may have been hard, but now you've got started you need to make progress to show the doubters that you know what you are doing and can make the leap to a full-time income online.

My eCommerce website builder reviews are just the start of your journey into a world of unique content creation, graphic design, user engagement and subsequent customer conversion.

There is a world of internet marketing to be explored. My blog posts, guides and tutorials will assist you in the world of decision making, but ultimately it's your vision & effort that will make the difference and enable you to escape the rat race.

Welcome to the world of eCommerce business. Now the rubber meets the road!

About Tony Cooper (Storebuilder)

About Tony Cooper (Storebuilder)

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11 February, 2018

That Storebuilder Guy!

I’ve worked for some of the top UK internet start-ups and digital agencies including, and during a 17-year internet marketing career. 

I'm also known for my work at Property Mentor where they are now one of the most successful independent property investment companies on the planet. I'm a regular on many SEO forums and you can find my LinkedIn profile here.

I built this website because I wanted to help people make their own informed decision and decide what was best for them without having to waste hundreds of hours doing research. 

How This Site Was Built:

I get asked a lot how this site was made so here it is:

This site is powered by Joomla CMS.  The scope of the site (blogs, reviews, comments, discussions etc.) meant that it would be out of the realm of an online website builder.

The reviews part of the site is taken care of by Jreviews. It is not just pretty stars - this is a full website development kit. Jreviews is also available for Wordpress.

TIP: Let Jreviews power the entire site rather than try and integrate it with other components. Developing extra functionality is much better done with this than adding on poorly written third-party scripts.

All of the graphics are custom made, and I spend a lot of time making them look good, excellent custom design graphics make a big difference.

Finally, I used a Rockettheme template to pull everything together.

Some Of My Favourite Websites:

Seth Godins BlogI really admire Seth Godin for his focused ability to blog every single day and the insight he imparts at the same time. Short, Pithy and to the point he has blogging as an art form perfected.

This is AnfieldThis Is Anfield has grown from a small acorn into one of the most respected Liverpool FC related blogs. It's always updated quickly with the latest Liverpool FC related news stories.

Niche gave me the idea to turn a boring website design agency blog into something much more substantial. There are loads of great hints and tips for building a niche business that are relevant to eCommerce as well.

Marks Daily AppleMarks Daily Apple is a fantastic resource for anyone interested in the Paleo lifestyle and health and fitness. I've featured this website in several of my "growth" articles, and it's a great example of how to build a blog into a marketing monster. It's a brilliant "Wellness Lifestyle" blog.

Things I Like To Do:

Commuting To Work Storebuilder Style!

I've kitted out my Trek Hybrid with an Altura laptop pannier so I can take off, visit the local countryside and do a spot of writing in perfect peace!

It's the best stress buster I know and beats commuting up and down the motorway every day.

Wanting to escape the daily commute was one of the main reasons I started working on the internet in the first place, and if I have to go long distances to meet clients, I'll always take the train so I can work on the go.

Getting regular exercise is a vital part of my lifestyle. Spending so much time sitting in front of a PC screen can pile the pounds on quick!

When I'm not working and just want to wind down, I take my dogs out. As well as being one of the best exercises you can get walking is also very good for the mind, and I often do some of my best work while out for a long walk in the woods.

Recently I've been having a lot of success by putting in fewer hours!

Sleeping more and taking longer breaks makes me more productive than if I sat down at the PC for long stretches like I used to do.

Milly And Molly My Faithful Companions

When it's time to sit down and do some real work, Bang! Instead of staring at a blank page when it's time to write a new blog post or trying to think of new ways to gain links for a client I'll already have the answers before I sit down to do the work.

I've recognised that the subconscious brain is my most powerful tool and discovering how you harness it is a big part of my life. I meditate for 30 minutes every day, and I've started practising Yoga.

Have you ever wrestled with a problem for hours on end only to give up and go and do something else for a bit? When you come back to the original question, it is magically solved for you. Your subconscious mind worked on it in the background and presented you with the answer.

If I'm working on a blog post, then I like to write in silence because I get things done much quicker that way but otherwise my playlist is an eclectic mix from Tom Waits, Nick Cave, Steve Earle and The Dixie Chicks! You can find my playlist on Spotify - storebuilder.

Oh! Did I mention I'm a Liverpool supporter!

Good luck with your eCommerce project!

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