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Content Marketing, Copywriting & SEO Services

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Content Marketing, Copywriting & SEO Services


03 March, 2018

Content Marketing, Copywriting & SEO Services

Writing compelling content is hard to do, producing excellent content on a consistent basis is even harder. I can provide content SEO optimised articles from £50 per article individually written by our in-house content team.

Do you need Facebook pages and Twitter accounts pro-actively managed? We can also manage your social media for you and keep it up to date.

If you would like help understanding Google Analytics, then we can set up your reports for you and point out the important key performance indicators.

Most importantly you can increase your conversion rate by studying statistics and making improvements to your site – either by improving the text readability or improving the graphics, the Call To Action or all three!

In this way you can grow your business in the best way possible.


Regularly adding content to your blog is a sure-fire way of climbing the search engine rankings, but writing 500 words of content three times a week or even finding the subject matter to write about is not everyone’s cup of tea!

Fortunately, we are here to help!

We’ve written articles for lots of different subjects and having run sports betting websites and property sites – we know how much effort goes into creating a successful blog.

Building a blog that obtains a following is all about consistency. It is about picking a publishing schedule and sticking to it as well as providing your readers with the information they are seeking.

If you need content providing on a regular basis, then we can provide it for you and keep your blog sparkling with fresh content.

Graphics-11SEO & Keyword Research

Getting a site to rank for its keywords is one part of the equation, but the part that many people often miss is doing the keyword research in the first place to find the low lying fruit.

Keyword research is the most important part of building an internet business. You need to see how much competition you have for the keywords you want to elevate up the rankings.

Why? Because then you will get a good idea of the amount of time you will need to spend creating new content, gaining links and promoting your site to get anywhere near the first page.

If you are targeting relevant money keywords, then there is nothing wrong with that, as long as you are aware of the massive time investment you are going to have to make to get near the top.

Graphics-06Google Analytics

If you have the google analytics code installed but don’t know where to start looking to make improvements, then we can help.

As mentioned in conversion rate optimisation the very first place to start looking at improving your bottom line is to take a look at your bounce rate.

Is your bounce rate over 60%?

Oh dear, you have a lot of work to do!

It’s quite common for sites to have a high bounce rate in the early days and to get it down to under the 40% mark is the first goal to achieve. You do this by adding more content, improving navigational items and custom graphics where required.

Google Analytics will give you a lot of information beyond the standard reports by customising the views. For example, you could design a view which would show you the bounce rate purely on mobile devices.

You could then compare to a desktop view and derive from that information that most people who use your site are mobile users and they don’t like the look of your site on a mobile device.

If you would like some help understanding where your visitors are coming from and how they are interacting with your site, then we can assist you with that.

Content marketing & social mediaSocial Media Strategy

Building an online presence takes lots of work. Adding a few well-chosen keywords, obtaining some links and then hoping to achieve great rankings is not going to be sufficient.

The competition is becoming harder and harder to beat. More site owners are putting dedicated resources into growing their blogs and social media presence. If you do nothing, you are not just standing still but falling behind at a rapid rate.

Your customers expect to find information that will help them use your products and services and you need to reassure potential clients that you know your subject matter.

Giving all the assistance you can to help people familiarise themselves with your company is what a good content and social media strategy will do.

How often you blog and update your social media channels depends on your product or service and your potential audience. Niche markets with few players don’t require nearly as much work to become well established in than more hotly contested ones.

If you are just starting out, then I will provide you with everything you need to get going. I provide all the graphics you need to establish a social media presence and present your company professionally.

Four blog posts per month are enough to begin to build a rapport with your audience and start to understand the amount of work that it takes to make a successful blog.

For those that already have established websites and want to bring in more traffic posting twice a week and backing it up with social media is the way to go.

I can also fully manage your content marketing, social media and SEO campaigns.

Not everyone wants to be put into a “package” and customising a plan is the best option so talk to me, and I can tailor the best strategy for your business.

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A great job! We're really pleased with the result. Very easy to deal with and gave us exactly what we wanted. They always deliver before the deadline which is something we that we really appreciate. Highly professional - exactly what you want. John

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Fantastic Service - Thank You!
(Updated: May 16, 2017)

I just wanted to add my personal thanks for everything you have done, are doing and continue to do for the site. Your skill and experience truly ups our game and helps the UK to be on a level-playing field with the other regions. Thank you for turning my rough briefs into reality and catching any bad habits and practice we may have adopted! we couldn't have achieved last week without you! - Alex Andrews - Global E-Commerce Manager.

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